[TV] KBS Music Bank Sept 09.18.2009







lsg comeback

Enjoy !

f(X) – LA chA TA

Jewelry – Vari2ty

KARA – Mister

4minute – muzik

BEG – Abracadabra (Remix)

Finally !!!! They changed their custome 😀

Baek Jiyoung ft. taec – My Ear’s Candy

GD – Heartbreaker

Yellow iz in da hauz ^^

GD is soooo fierceeee ❤

Comeback Stage

♥♥♥ Lee Seung Gi Comeback Stage (Wedding Veil) ♥♥♥

Finally ^^ I esp wait for this 😀

Taegoon – Betrayed

Park Hyosin – After Love

Tei – Poisonous Tounge

Epik High – Wannabe

This comeback single is ‘daebak’ !!!

Debut Stage

HAM (Hear and Mind) – T.T Dance

Ryan (PARAN) – Proud of my girl

T-ara & Supernova – TTL

T-ara girls are lookin great now 😀 Supernova sounds good 😀

Other Videos

Lee Seunggi – Waiting Room

Seunggi annyong !!!

4minute – Digital Ranking


GD – Winning & Encore

All videos via CodeMonmonSeason4 except Lee Seunggi’s via iloveshunoguri


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