[TV] SBS Inki Gayo 09.20.2009



Enjoy !

Interview – BEG,Kara,G-Dragon,Seung-Gi,Tae Woo @ Popular Song

Seunggi is soooooo handsomeeeee ❤

Kara & Kim Taewoo are so funny 😀 He’s so tall among the girls ^^

Ryan (Paran) – Proud of my girl

I know Ryan can sing well, yet, his solo comeback makes me melt still ❤

4MINUTE – Digital Music Chart

GD is numero uno ❤

SeungYeon & Hara(Kara)’s MC-ing Cuts

My fave Seungyeon n Hara are so funny & cute ^^

T-ara & Supernova with TTL (Rime To Love)

I’m pretty sure that their agency change their stylist,

coz the girls looked sooo much better than ‘Lies’ concept ^^

f(X) – LA chA TA

Today I ❤ Suli’s custome fr head to toe 😀

and how Krystal reminds me of Yoona 😀 Both r my fave so am fine ^^

Park Hyo-Shin – After Love

f(x) – Campaign Song

Kim Tae-Woo(G.O.D) – Love Rain

Jewelry – Vari2ty


Jiyoon’s necklace is ❤

BEG-Candy Man

The girls move onto promote Candy Man

Lee Seunggi – Let’s break Up Performance

Lee Seung Gi – Melody performance

KARA -Mister

GD – Heartbreaker

And the winner is…

All video heads up to CodeMonmonSeason4

except Lee Seunggi’s heads up to christiesml2


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