[TV] SBS Inki Gayo 09.27.2009

+seunggi inki gayo sept 27 2009


SBS Inki Gayo Sept 27,2009

Comments and video are according stagey order as always 😀

Kim Taewoo is guest MC for today n he’s so funny 😀

Enjoy !

Digital Chart by Taegoon – no.1 is Kim Taewoo – Sarangbi

Tei – Poisonous Tongue

Oppa sings very well,  yet, is it me or the music background is too loud ?

I can’t hear his voice clearly …

Hwayobi ft.Sleep – Kiss Kiss Kiss

Her voice is good..but the song isn’t growing on me…

T-ara & Supernova – TTL

I do really think their agency changed their stylist ^^

Their customes are great now 😀

OK, u may bash me as I just know that Supernova wasn’t a rookie >.<

They just missed the spotlight  since too many gorgeous boy groups

during their debut year back on 2007

Mighty Mouth ft.Nicole – Love Class

I ❤ Nicole’s hair accessory 😀

Nicole is sooo cute…

she’s like this cute lil’ sister that I wud love to death ^^

Taegoon – Betrayed

Ok this song works better in my ears~

His navy long coat is nice yet it looked too plain 4 me..

Hwang Jungeum– ft.T-ara with N Time

The song sounds like kids’ song..

She has this light voice, it suits her, but, to be able to compete with the current hits..

I don’t think it’s possible.. but, it does give different feeling ..

4minute – campaign song

F(X) – LA chA TA

Nice stagey as always !

Kim Taewoo – Sarangbi

Nice voice as always ~

Kim Taewoo also has a light voice,

yet, his songs aren’t those lame songs..

His song in fact shows how skillful his light voice is ~ great song!

Lee Seunggi – Let’s Break Up


❤ ❤ ❤

His voice is so melting..

Fainted while watching Seunggi’s stagey 😀


Jiyoon 😀 She has the ‘it’ factor…

She rules the stagey + she also has nice voice 😀

If she goes solo..i will be in the 1st line to buy her album 😀

Kara – Mister

DSP Pretty girls wear colorful pants today 😀

Pretty as always 😀

GD – Breathe

White from head to toe !

He shines everytime he sings ❤

Oww..will he be No.1 w/ Breathe this time ?

The Winner is … ?

Chukahabnida !!

Videos will be posted the soonest YT has it 😀 !

Heads up to CodeMonmonSeason3 for all videos + seunggi0605 for Seunggi’s vid


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