[TV] SBS Special Chuseok : Idol Big Show 10.03.2009

+idol show


On Oct 3rd, SBS aired a special Chuseok show ‘idol Big Show’.

Attendees are a follow (in stagey order) :

  1. 4minute
  2. After School
  3. Kara
  4. Lee Seunggi
  5. 2AM
  6. 2NE1
  7. SNSD
  8. G Dragon
  9. Special Guest : Big Bang (minus Daesung-ee)

Enjoy the videos – heads up to 21YGL !

Part 1

Part 2

Kara Perform w/ cute outfit 😀

Kara’s song list :

Jang Yoon Jung’s “Oh My!”
Kim Hae Yeon’s “It’s a Snake”

Part 3

Main highlight for me !!!

Kara’s Dorm/Dance Battle + Lee Seunggi Stagey!!

Kara is jjang !

Lee Seunggi performed Sarangiran fr his new alb. which happened to be my fave ^^

Continued with the previous digital single which he didn’t promo

It is “Will You Marry me”

Kyaa…this is double treat for me 😀

Part 4

2AM Changmin & Jinwoon performed Syabang syabang acoustic ver.

(original by Park Hyunbin) !

2AM Jo Kwon & Seulong performed as The Dirty Eyed Girls.

and SNSD does Q&A w/ 2AM

Part 5

2NE1 + GD performed I don’t care unplugged version in a studio!

TALK : Lee Seunggi, 2AM, 2NE1

2NE1 performed Fire !

Part 6

2NE1(Let’s Go Party)+Kara (Q&A with G-Dragon)

I esp love GD’s expression as he smiles a lot here (trapped w/ 5 cute girls)

and how GD try to hold his laugh when seeing Kara Queen Gyuri speaks ^^

Part 7


SNSD performed Into the new world

Sooyoung, Yuri, Hyoyeon performed dance battle !

SNSD did Gee for the audience.

Part 8

G Dragon performed 3 songs in a row 😀

First is Breathe & Hello with Dara ~

Part 9

GD continues to rock the stagey w/ 1 year station !

2NE1 came out again w/ Big Bang’s Majimak Insa ~

Part 10

Special Guest : Big Bang (w/out Daesung).

They performed Majimak Insa and How Gee !

I missed to see them performing this song a lot

and am glad they did these songs in the show 😀

GD shines as ever, TOP cute yet needs to cut his bangs,

Seungri and Taeyang are ❤

I love the show so much yet only missed few idols of mine :

Lee Hyori, BoA,  SS501, TVXQ, SuJU and FT Island.

Lastly, me want to say Happy Chuseok everyone !!


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