Happy 18th Birthday to KARA Jung Nicole !


Everyone’s favorite KARA Jung Nicole

is turning into an 18 year (19 in lunar calendar) old girl this Oct 7,2009.

nicoleNicole : “I’m 18 now!!

Nicole is starting to steal my attention

after her funny appearances in Star Golden Bell show.

nicole randomNicole’s expression is daebak!!

Then, one day, I watched Nicole’s early year video interview.

In the video she talked about her early time in Korea,

her trainee times & her feelings towards her mom, etc.

I was moved when I see Nicole’s teary look when the PD asked her

to say something to her mom (video w/ sub here)

I was touched and instantly like Nicole even more.

She’s like this cute lil’ sister that i wud want to have in real life.

Anyway, Imuyachan wants to say :

“Saengil Chukahae to Sweet Nicole”


May God bless U always !

I hope all of ur dreams come true!!

nicole eats

Saengil Chukahabnida

Saengil Chukahabnida

Saranghanenun Nicole ssi

Saengil Chukahabnida !!


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