SHINee says “2009, Year of us” !




Such a confident or over rating themselves ?

^^ no, it’s the title of their upcoming new mini alb. that set to hit the market on Oct 19.

The boys seemed to dye (or cut) their hair *again* and  ONEW is no exception >.<

jh new looksJonghyun new pic released Oct 9

SME will release the boys individual latest pics fr their mini alb.pictorial sequentially

as off today (Oct 9) w/ Jonghyun as a start

until Oct 13 when they release  their MV Teaser w/ their OH NO new looks.

More pic teaser as a whole !

shinee new looks

Source is 김형우 cox109@newsen (info+Jonghyun pic) + weareshining for SHINee pic

Bring back my old ONEW looks >.<


4 thoughts on “SHINee says “2009, Year of us” !

      • LOLOLOL
        dude, gotta agree with the onew bit
        they shouldn’t put so much eyeliner on key, he looks like cleopatra LOL
        minho looks hot 🙂
        jonghyun’s hair is alright [Y]
        nice change after their rainbow clothes and dead insect hairpins LOL

      • yeah, i think i can bare the new hair experiment by thinking it’s way better than the rainbow concept 😀 thx 4 coming 😀

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