[TV] KBS Music Bank 10.09.2009

+Enjoy !

NS Yunji w/ Poppin’ Hyunjoon – headache

NS Yunji is the cousin of Kara magnae Jiyoung.

She’s pretty n a good dancer

yet she needs to work on her singing & gets herself a good song !!

This song is way too lame~

Taegoon – Betrayed

I’m starting to like the song ^^

T-ara & Supernova with TTL

Jewelry – vari2ty

Tei – Poisonous Tongue

His voice is superb!!! I ❤ his custome too 😀

Oppa choigo ya !

f(X)-LA chA TA

KARA – Mister

I dunno why, but today, the girls sound even better than they usually do 😀

They usually impressed me much w/ their live skills, but today, they even better 😀

Park Hyosin – After Love

Omo..his voice is so great!

I ❤ his clothing today 😀

Lee Seunggi – Let’s Break Up

OMG..his voice is like so nice ❤

Seunggi saranghae!!!!

Kim Taewoo – Sarangbi

heads up to spodocskpark1


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