[Event] Legend of Rainism on 10.09.2009

+rain poster concert

Korea Superstar Rain aka Bi held his Asia Tour Concert at Seoul Olympic Stadium on Oct 9-10,2009.

Rain’s concert were attracting many people as it was also the debut stage for his first groomed Boy group named MBLAQ as well as having popular stars among the concert attendees.

It is reported that 2PM, Joo (both from JYP Ent.) and DSP Popular boy group SS501 were among the crowd.

Meanwhile here are the photos & videos report from the event !








091009 Rain Bi – Legend of Rainism in Seoul, Korea!

091009 [HQ] Rain Bi – (Micheal Jackson Tribute) Legend of Rainism in Korea!

Source :김성한기자 wing@sportshankook[Pre-Concert Info]+hankyung[Photos]+sixtofive1982@YT[Vids]


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