[SayHello] Jeong Yonghwa of ~You’re Handsome~ drama & C.N.Blue Band




Have you guys watched ‘Minami Sineyo’ aka ‘You’re Handsome’ drama? I already watched eps 1&2 and I should say that I’m quite impressed. The drama runs nicely, we don’t get to see boring scenes and I love how the boys get to know the truth that Minyu is a girl right on the 2nd episode, coz that means we won’t be dragged too long in this ‘girl disguised as man’ subject ๐Ÿ˜€ I can’t wait to watch eps 3 indeed ^^

Besides Lee Honggi, Jang Geunsuk and Park Shinhye there’s a new face among the popular list, he is a new singer turned actor named Jeong Yonghwa who played one of the A.N.JELL band member ‘Kang Shin Woo’.

‘Kang Shinwoo’ is a calm person and such a ‘nice oppa’ character. Though he knew that Minyu is disguising as her brother Minam in the band, he stays in silent and protect her – he doesn’t judge her and I’m sure he waits ’till everything is revealed by its own.

My fave scene was indeed eps 2 when Shinwoo protect Minyu in the bathroom *lol*

He puts towel on her head so she won’t be seeing those naked man in the bathroom~Such a sweet character indeed!

minami sineyo eps2

Jeong Yonghwa made his debut into the music industry with his band C.N.Blue (stands for Code Name Blue) groomed by F&C Music (same as FT Island) on August 2009. He is the vocalist as well as the guitarist of the band. C.N.Blue released their single Now or Never on Aug 19,2009 and the album contains of 5 songs in total and all sound GOOD to me. It’s such a sweet escape from the so called sweet pop or too much effect music that we recently heard in the Kpop Kingdom! I like all track yet if I have to choose ~ then Love Revolution is my fave!ย  Listen to C.N.Blue music here

Yonghwa made his drama debut in ‘You’re Handsome’ alongwith his same management mate who’s also a popular Kpop group FT Island member ‘Lee Honggi’ who is 1 year younger than him.

Yonghwa may not be the prettiest boy in the block, yet, seeing his acting in these 2 eps of Minami Sineyo, I think he can survive and succeed in the small screen industry.

Drama related Pics!


YH2YH3This is the scene when he overheard the conversation between the manager & Minyu

which revealed that the current Go Minam is actually his twin sister Go Minyu

minami sineyo

untitled7And this is such a cute F&C Boys scene ๐Ÿ˜€

Yonghwa+Honggi = โค

Other pics

listen music







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21 thoughts on “[SayHello] Jeong Yonghwa of ~You’re Handsome~ drama & C.N.Blue Band

  1. oh i love him already haha. i’m spazzing. i loved the bathroom scene too.. he was sooo sweet. imma listen to cn blue’s songs

    • i wasn’t paying attention to him at first, yet, the bathroom scene changed it all ๐Ÿ˜€ haha..he is now called as towel man in Korea ๐Ÿ˜€ tx 4 coming dearie…

  2. yeah, i’m beginning to like Jung Yong Hwa role in here.
    I wish they ended up together T-T
    poor guy who always first to care but always not end up with the girl he likes. Why? T-T
    i really wanted him to end up with the girl LOL
    i’m so into the drama right now… XD
    i esp like the bathroom scene…so sweet. ๐Ÿ™‚ n i like the structure of his face (do i sound like a maniac?)
    well, love it. thanks for the review โค

    • yeah…it seems so common in kdrama to hv this one great guy character who cares the girl earlier yet not getting the girl in the end… >.< tx 4 coming dearie..

  3. i didn’t notice him at first either but after the bathroom scene i started to like him more and more!
    now at episode 6 where he via the phone, leads her around myeong dong for food and clothes, while the whole time he’s basically paying for all her expenses. i love him more and more! <
    lols anyways, thanks so much for your review on him
    its good to know that others out there like/notice him too ^^

    • haha..thx 4 coming dearie..yes, in fact Yonghwa is so populer now in Korea and called as Towel Man bcoz the bathroom scene ^^

  4. imuyachannn! i notice you from miraac twitter, i didn’t know you share a lot of good stories here..


    Btw gw follow twitter loe juga yaaa ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jeong Yong Hwa is a rising hottie!! Yeay yeay yeay ๐Ÿ™‚

    • annyonghaseyo puti chan ๐Ÿ˜€ iyah, miraac follow gw n we chat a lot sumtimes ๐Ÿ˜€ tx 4 coming n following me ^^

  5. in the drama, his appearance is really attractive but his character as shin woo really sympathetic. but his face seems like a hybrid of oguri shun (japanese actor, rui of boys over flowers) and kim hyun joong (ss501, ji hoo of boys before flowers). but anyways, i still love him. you’re beautiful, jeong yonghwa โค

  6. i am a American and have recently started to watch Korean tv series<these actors are great,shin woo is epically nice to look at and very talented<i have watched all the your beautiful series and cant waite to see the next. j bell Missouri USA.

  7. yay! i already watch you’re handsome and i really like this.. hwaaaa i really like yonghwa here..his character is really nice..

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  9. HI,I AM SARDA from India.I am a big fan of yours.I was not a big fan of Korea before but seeing your character I begin to like you so much.I like your charcter so much it fits you and you look so cute.I like the part in which you care for her in every episode especially the bathroom part.I like your band CN BLUE too and I like your voice.I wish you good luck and best wishes for your success.Can I become YOUr pen friend?Bye take good care of your health and I heard about your accident and I feel bad for you.

  10. hi oppa sareng heyo i love the song what should i do? i really sad when times that minam go rejected you im hurt also sareng heyo my oppa…..

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