[Event] ‘Good Morning President’ VIP Movie Premiere 10.13.2009


‘Good Morning President’ movie has gained people’s attention as the movie includes top performer from senior actors like Lee Soonjae, Go Doosim, and Im Haryong until today’s top actors like Jang Donggun and ‘Korea’s Barbie Doll’ Han Chaeyoung in the film.

The VIP Movie Premiere was held on Oct 13,2009 – 8 pm onwards and located at CGV Yongsan – Seoul City.

List of attendees : Jang Donggun, Hyunbin, Shin Mina, Lee Yeonhee, ‘Highkick Men’ Kimbum & Jung Ilwoo, Seo Hyorim, Han Chaeyoung, Joo Jinmo, Kang Jihwan,  and many more.

‘Good Morning President’ has opened the 14th Busan International Film Festival and will greet the giant screen viewer on Oct 22nd,2009.

Photos from the event below!

Movie Casts

all cast


Jang Donggun

❤ Clean cut oppa is so handsome ❤


Korea’s Barbie Doll Han Chaeyoung unni is looking so pretty as always ^^

movie cast




shin mina

Shin Mina

lee yeonhee

Lee Yeonhee


Highkick Men Kimbum & Jung Ilwoo

seo hyorim

Seo Hyorim

Source : 이환희 기자 tiny@bntnews[info]+지형준 jeehouse@newsen[info]


2 thoughts on “[Event] ‘Good Morning President’ VIP Movie Premiere 10.13.2009

  1. This is really a cute and humorous movie but the English subtitle translation in this DVD disc really sucks. Did they not hire a professional translator to do this job? Seems like the person who did this piece of translation cannot and do not understand the proper English grammar. It’s just like a direct translation from Chinese to English, speaking “Chinglish”. You can find Chinese characters popping up in the English subtitle as well, ridiculous!!! If you don’t want to spoil the quality of the movie, don’t hire some unqualified person to do this task, really kills one appetite in watching it along with the movie for non-Korean speakers.

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