Lee Minjeong in ‘Smile,You’ SBS Drama




I wonder where’s Lee Minjeong (Gu Junpyo’s fiancee in Boys over Flowers) lately, so I try to dig more of her updates.

Lee Minjeong is in fact busy with her endorsement activities (Sony Ericsson) and filming her new drama in SBS TV titled ‘Smile,You’ with former Family Outing member Lee Chunhee.


‘Smile,You’ is a romance-comedy drama with 50 eps in total and fill in the SBS TV Saturday & Sunday night drama slot.

‘Smile, You’ synopsis :

Seo Jung In is the second daughter of a chaebol family, whose family suddenly meets financial ruin. She is dumped by her husband, Lee Han Se, after their wedding ceremony when his family finds out about her family’s financial problems. Her family is then forced to move in with their longtime chauffeur’s family. The once rich and spoiled daughter and her family must now learn how to adjust to life as commoners in the Kang household.

I also found her recent circulated photos from the filming set ^^ She seemed happy ^^















Watch ‘Smile,You’ here

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11 thoughts on “Lee Minjeong in ‘Smile,You’ SBS Drama

  1. this drama is veryyyyyy niceeeeeeeeeeee 😡 😡 actually I didnt like her in BOF :)) but I am her fan now 😡 😡

  2. she,s so cute………..i luv to see her acting more and more….but in this smile u …her character more like to cry even i prefer she just be happy be lucky…..bcoz its like her own natural

  3. wOw .. i cAn’t bELieve i aLrEady finiSh “smiLe, yOu” .. niCe drAma .. frOm stArt tO fiNish it wAs awEsOme .. dEr iS no dULL mOment .. gOod jOb .. whO evEr thE dirEctOr aNd writEr iS .. aNd aLso gOod jOb, tO the actOrs/actrEss who pOrtray “Seo” and “Kang” famiLy .. aNd aLso thE othEr actOrs/aCtrEss in thE drAma and tO aLL the stAffs .. hAha .. sUpEr thAnk yOu .. it wAs fUN wAtching u aLL gUys .. 🙂

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