[Concert] Get ready CLOUDS Indonesia, Rain is coming to town!


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Ok, there has been rumors about Rain‘s concert in Jakarta – Indonesia few weeks ago, yet, as I check his concert site, they never mentioned it, so I thought it was just a rumor.

Yet, today, one of the biggest news site called detik tweet that Rain is actually coming to Indonesia.

Rain‘s Jakarta Concert will be on Dec 3rd, 2009 – 8pm onwards.

Ticket Price with 4 class categories are as follow :

Festival : IDR 750.000

Gold : IDR 1.500.000

Platinum : IDR 2.000.000

VIP : IDR  3.000.000

Ticket can be purchased as of today Oct 28,2009.

And, according to its organizer W Production, they already received MANY ticket reservations as they open the ticket sales today.

Rain will only do his concert in Jakarta and not visiting other cities as he’s busy with his Asia Tour schedule, so his visit to Indonesia only in Jakarta.

Man, this shud be packed, coz people from other provinces will definitely flew to Jakarta for him ^^

More information please contact the organizer directly :

W Productions

Gd. Mangga 2 Square,Lt.2 – Blok A No.45
Jln.Gunung Sahari Raya No.1


Ph   : (6221) 6231-1377

Fax : (621) 6231-1287

W Productions

Source is W Productions


13 thoughts on “[Concert] Get ready CLOUDS Indonesia, Rain is coming to town!

  1. hi dear, this is big news. Rain is pouring on Jakarta? LOL
    are you going to watch it?
    oh man…i should be in Indonesia at the time like this T-T
    i went to Kwon Sang Woo “The Face Shop” fan meeting before. i wish i could go this time too. 😦

  2. aghhhh dangittttt
    why should it be so early in december?? why cant they make it like, late december????
    i’m not home yet by december 3rd TT__TT

  3. waaa~~ so sad! so sad! so saaad…
    actually my family and i at least once a month go to Mangga Dua.
    but why? why? why is it dec 3rd~??
    i’ve got school exam at that time..
    oh my Bi Oppa, visit my home, plz..

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  5. Rain…kapan dong tayang full house 2,..? Acktingmu luar biasa,,sampe2 aq ga kehitung lg ntn film itu..i hope the next full house,,please rain..I love u…Gbu

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