[Event] Calling all 2PM Fans in Indonesia! Join the Hottest Indonesia FlashMob Dance Project!




Joining other International Hottest, 2PM Fans in Indonesia aka Hottest Indonesia is also joining the crowd and will do the Flash Mob Dance project!

One of Hottest Indonesia named Ditta, kindly share me the details as they want to gather more and more people for the project. Here are the details directly taken from her blog (with lil’ editing) :

Weโ€™re going to do Again & Again Flash Mob dance, some of the dancer already practice on their own with Again & Again MV dance version. For those who want to join and be the participant, please practice and learn the dance move by yourself with the help of the MV. Soon after we decided on the Time and Date, we will set up a time/day to practice together. So, for the time being, please practice by yourself.

For those who want to participate, can email to 7hottests@gmail.com with the format below :

Name :

No. of friends that you gonna bring :

Which area you staying :

Phone no. :

Please remember that, once you had reply and PM me, there is no back-out until we finish the mob it self. This is due to we know that some people come and register but once we state out the actual date, most of them will have an excuse thus back-out in the end. Please think carefully before you reply or PM me cuz there is no turning back once we had received your PM. Not to say weโ€™re forcing, but we just donโ€™t want our effort of practice be gone once people start turning back and we need to change formation or so on. Also, remember that this mob is limited for JAKARTA-TANGERANG resident only. But for those who stayed outside the area and want to join, we will welcome you as well =D

So, as Ditta informed me, Hottest Indonesia Forum is trying to gather more n more people for the project. They also say that the 1st dance practice date is still under discussion yet, it will probably held between Nov 7/8,2009.

The forum is still discussing the most suitable date/time/place for this dance project, they also in need for more Hottest Indonesia participation in related to the video recording and (or) editing.

More info about this project, please visit 7Hottests forum here

Gluck girlssss ^^


8 thoughts on “[Event] Calling all 2PM Fans in Indonesia! Join the Hottest Indonesia FlashMob Dance Project!

  1. thank you, imuyachan for advertising this ๐Ÿ˜€ *hugs*
    actually, we need the phone number in the form too. I forgot to tell you. Sorry ๐Ÿ˜€

    GOMAWO ๐Ÿ˜€

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