[Info] Rainbow spreads the ‘Gossip Girl’ Craze


Rookie girlgroup Rainbow debut is said as a successful one!

Rainbow debut stagey with single ‘Gossip Girl’ was done via MBC Music Core Nov 14, and they continue their debut stagey in SBS Inki Gayo on Nov 15,2009.


Rainbow is a 7 member group that claimed by their agency to have 7 different charms in a group. Rainbow member : Kim Jaekyung (leader), Jeong YunHye, NoEul, Oh Seungah, Go Uri, Kim JiSuk, Jo HyeonYeong.

Note : picture above was made by Korean netizen, n thx to my visitor I realized that the netizen mistaken No Eul and Yun Hye, so i fixed the name translation ^^ Thx to KimParkYoung for the tip ❤

While their single ‘Gossip Girl’ is an addictive song with repetitive chorus that captured everybody’s ears. Rainbow debut stagey with black clothing concept has said to grab people’s attention and said to be a successful debut.

Rainbow who is under DSP Media with SS501 and KARA as their sunbae has been anticipated by many people.

It is also revealed that their MV teaser released on Nov 6th was hitting no.1 in its real-time viewing ranking after it’s release.

Here’s their Inki Gayo stagey just in case u missed it ^^

Ok, me say : the girls are having their stage presence already~which is good ^^

They looked confident nuff , yet, they still need to improve their LIVE skills!

They need not to improve as in appearance as I find their stage act ,

clothing concept and their already pretty face is more than enough ^^

I’m waiting for their improvement n more songs b4 I judge them as a FAIL one!

So, all the best to Rainbow!

Source : 김형우 cox109@newsen[News]+ididsi[Vid]


2 thoughts on “[Info] Rainbow spreads the ‘Gossip Girl’ Craze

  1. your 3rd picture (with blue blanket) has mistake NO EUL and YUN HE they are exchanged! The one who is NO EUL (that u put name has mistaken) is actually YUN HE…
    The one person who is YUN HE (that u putted a wrong name) is NO EUL… Just mistake
    NOBODY’S PERFECT!! Kamsamnida

    • thx 4 the tip..i post this when they just debut, n so less info about them at that time.. and the pic above is made by korean netizen n they put the names in Korean on the pic, so i was translating the names written in Korean..i guess they also mistaken these girls ^^ thx 4 the correction ^^

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