Revealed : Rainbow Leader Kim Jaekyung Grad Pics!

DSP new girlgroup ‘Rainbow’ leader Jaekyung enjoys the celeb privilege as k-netizen helped her to reveal her Grad pics and post it online!

What d’u think ? Me say, she was a pretty girl back then, yet, now, she’s prettier with the so called stylist team around her ^^

Here’s her recent photos alone and with fellow Rainbow member!

I want her pink hoodie ^^



9 thoughts on “Revealed : Rainbow Leader Kim Jaekyung Grad Pics!

    • There’s a closeup of her and her mother on Mamma Mia and they have the exact same nose and it looks like in the above pictures. If you have some information that she had her nose done it’s super subtle nose job like Natalie Portman lol

  1. uhhh wtf? just accept that she was born gorgeous either way. are you guys BLIND? she has humongo eyes and a very sharp nose–that hasn’t changed. also, it’s called the power of losing weight and makeup.

    she went on this show called hot brothers and freakin TOLD the reporter that she was natural, she even came with pre-debut childhood pics for proof.

    ACCEPT THE FACT THAT SOME PEOPLE ARE BORN BEAUTIFUL. no matter how much the computer monitor provides a shield, it can’t hide your insecurities/pathetic personalities when you guys immediately point fingers and say “nose! eyes!”


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