Hello..it’s been a while…

Annyonghaseyo!!! How are y’all doin’ ?

I know, it’s been a while since my last post ^^

I am very sorry, but, I am so busy in my MarinaStory blog as well as writing for K bites ^^

From now on, this blog is more to my personal writing about K pop ^^

I see people still coming and commenting my old post ^^ I thanked you for that ^^

As I write this post , I am thinking about Onew of SHINee who’s been my other lil’ bro’ interest after SS501 and Lee SeungKi ^^ SHINee is in Singapore as I wrote this.. Yet, according to my friend who flew to SG and at the airport, the boys haven’t come out as we speak ^^ I wish I can fly as well Y_Y

Anyway, as I said b4, this blog will be more of my personal writing yet still about Kpop ^^

I will also do lyric translation for every new song release yet under 1 condition which is I need to like the song ^^

Oh well, this is such a random comeback post, yet, I am so happy to do what I do right now ^^

Make sure u visit MarinaStory for SS501 Daily updates and K Bites for Daily Kpop Update ^^

너무 감사합니다 ^^

Here’s a cute closing greeting from me and Onew ^^


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