Hallyuism officially starts its 1st Giveaway project! Get the chance to win MBLAQ ‘Y’ CD!

Hellooooo ^^

The 1st giveaway project from Hallyuism is officially started!!

Previously, I promised my Twitter follower that I will do SS501 give away ^^

[Yes, I will still do that, so keep checking my Twitter timeline and (or) my SS501 Fanblog ^^]

Anyway, the reason I start this giveaway is simply because I want to spread more of Kpop love ^^ I decide to make a use of my hallyuism blog as the media to conduct the give away project.

After few considerations, I will do MBLAQ ‘Y’ Giveaway as the 1st project! [Click here to see the giveaway CD]

How to join the project? Read away!

Terms & Conditions:

–           You should be one of my follower on Twitter. If you haven’t, follow me @imuyachan

–           Leave a comment for this post with details as follow :

~ Name

~ your Twitter Id

~ your e-mail

~ your country

~ the reason you like MBLAQ

–       No spamming! Multiple responds will NOT be counted

I will randomly choose the winner, so pray a lot ^^ This is the 1st giveaway project, if I see good feedbacks, I will continue the project (at least 1 giveaway project/month)!

The winner will be announced on June 19, 2010 Jakarta (Indonesia) time (GMT +7)

And, the winner is : keyshira !!!




111 thoughts on “Hallyuism officially starts its 1st Giveaway project! Get the chance to win MBLAQ ‘Y’ CD!

  1. Name: Ardo

    ~ your Twitter Id: Ari_do

    ~ your e-mail: a7la_rpee3@hotmail.com

    ~ your country: UAE

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: what’s not to like about them, they have a Maknae who raps.. a “Manly” Leader who’s too cute.. and they can open a Chocolate shop any time thanx to Joon….!!!

  2. ~ Name: Lynette Phua

    ~ your Twitter Id: @Kokokoreano

    ~ your e-mail: kokokoreano[at]gmail[dot]com

    ~ your country: Singapore

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: Because they are so adorable and straightforward in variety shows (Lee Joon, Rain, Hyori, Hara’s Happy together episode was hilarious)! And they look so darn charismatic on the stage. That’s why I love them! ^^

  3. ~ Name
    Pei Wen

    ~ your Twitter Id

    ~ your e-mail

    ~ your country

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ
    I got to know MBLAQ because of Lee Joon and they are the ‘disciple’ of Sunbaenim, Rain. lol
    I like them because they are really good in dancing and what we all drool for: hot bods ^^
    You will never believe that they could sing ballad well too.
    And Joon, whom I first come across, is such a good actor in the movie, ‘Ninja Assassin”. I was so impressed.
    So, who wouldn’t like this multi-talented group, MBLAQ?

  4. ~ Name: Ruth Damaris

    ~ your Twitter Id: @keyaddict

    ~ your e-mail: xsunghyo@gmail.com

    ~ your country: Indonesia

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: because they’re AWESOME and their genre is different than another boyband 😉

  5. awwww… I shall be first 😀 HEHEHEHE

    – Name: Eileen Teo
    ~ Twitter: Sookyeong
    ~ Email: sookyeong88@gmail.com
    – Country: Singapore
    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: Because to me, MBLAQ is a group of all possible talents, dorkiness and music-boys-live-in-absolute-quality

  6. Name: Becky
    Twitter Id: imaraptor
    e-mail: pinkcakerocks@yahoo.com
    country: United States
    the reason I like MBLAQ: They’re a crazy talented group of good looking guys that never fail to make me laugh~ ^^

  7. ~ Name: Frances Mer Lim

    ~ your Twitter Id: _merong

    ~ your e-mail: frances23lim@gmail.com

    ~ your country: Philippines

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: They rock the stage during their performances. Not only that they have members who are eye-catching, their songs are really ear-catching and makes me wanna dance to the beat, as well! 😀

  8. Name : Jerrimaine Sy

    ~ your Twitter Id : jerrimaine09

    ~ your e-mail : puccaem@yahoo.com

    ~ your country : Philippines

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ : Big fan! and they’re really god at singing and dancing. their song gives a different feel from the other groups.:D

  9. ~ Name : Tiffani

    ~ your Twitter : teelaainearrayo

    ~ your e-mail : teearrayo@gmail.com

    ~ your country : Canada

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ : Are you kidding? LOLOL. Like honestly, what’s NOT to like about them! Each of them are talented performers with a uniqueness to them. They just have this aura where you just have to stope and stare. (:

  10. ~ Name: Léo Garcia
    ~ Twitter Id: @leogarciasvp
    ~ e-mail: leogarciasvp@hotmail.com
    ~ Country: Brazil
    ~ Reason I like MBLAQ?

    “Well, my first kpop love is/was DBSK, 2 years ago, so since that i notice a lot of Singers/groups, but just MBLAQ make me feel, like in other place, just like what i feel for DBSK. Its pure love for these boys, i smille when they smille, i feel sad when i see they sad, i cry if i read something bad about them or something like. Summarizing[?] i love them with all my heart, and i can do anything for them. That’s why i love them, they make me feel Happy!”

    Is that to long?! xD Sorry
    I really wanna win it, ’cause i can’t buy it >.<

  11. Name : Kinanti Shinta Debora

    ~ your Twitter Id : Keyshira

    ~ your e-mail : rhapsody_keyna@yahoo.com

    ~ your country : Indonesia

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ : Love them at the first sight. They’re so charming and talented boys! Seungho, G.O, Joon, Cheondung and Mir are JJANG!

  12. ~ Name : Amalia

    ~ your Twitter Id : @mamalumimin

    ~ your e-mail : @uminlia@yahoo.com

    ~ your country : indonesia

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ :
    seungho’s heavenly voice
    GO’s sexy vocal
    joon’s charisma
    cheondung’s ultimate smile
    mir’s witty-ness (lol)
    and.. i love MBLAQ becos they’re MBLAQ!^^

  13. ~ Name: gel
    ~ your Twitter Id: es_alonzo
    ~ your e-mail: es.alonzo@yahoo
    ~ your country: Philippines
    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: first it is simply because i wanted to support Rain but they prove to me that they can fly so high even without Rain as their wings 🙂 i mean they proved to me that they can stand on their own ^^ they may be compared to 2PM because of their break dancing skills, they may not write good songs like Big Bang for now, they may not have a solid fan base like SS501 as of now, they may not make it to the #1 trend list in twitter like Super Junior but for i know sooner or later MBLAQ will make it to the top just like their hyung Rain 😀 they only need people who will believe that they can make it to the top 🙂

  14. Name: Lydia Ho
    Twitter ID: mikuen (https://twitter.com/mikuen)
    E-mail: m_egumi@hotmail.com
    Country: Malaysia
    Reason you like MBLAQ: I have been following MBLAQ since their debut, and with every performance and TV show I watch of them – they just grow more and more charming and lovable! Have seen them at Showing Bangkok too – and it just adds to how amazing they are!

    Rarely join giveaways, but I do really want Y!

  15. ~ Name: Lang Fan

    ~ My Twitter Id: Ai_Aiden

    ~ My e-mail: langfan03@highsch.nus.edu.sg

    ~ My country: Singapore (I’m just at Singapore now, but I’m not Singaporean)

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: Cause they are all A Blood type person which very care for others!

  16. ~ Name

    ~ your Twitter Id

    ~ your e-mail

    ~ your country

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ
    i like MBLAQ for so many reasons, first, because they are so awesome on stage yet super down to earth guys. second, they can do like anything!haha=) im an joon and cheondong biased and all i can say is mblaq’s HOT! i hope i win this:) i really want to have a copy of Y=D thanks!

  17. ~ Name : Imaa Ayu

    ~ Twitter Id : @imaayu

    ~ e-mail : imaayu@hotmail.com

    ~ country : Indonesia

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ : They just too cool to be true. i love all of them, i love their music and i love their moves. because of their talent. not just in singing and dancing. i love Seungho when he play piano, i love G.O when he sing, and i love joon when he ripp his shirt ♥

  18. wow is this really true?
    so, I should try!

    Name: Mercè
    Twitter id: AyA_KR
    Country: Spain
    the reason why I like MBLAQ: their style, their power on stage, their music, their dance skills, their vocal skills, their sillyness, I think just everything, at the begining I wasn’t interested at all in MBLAQ because I didn’t really enjoy Rain’s music, so I though that I wouldn’t like MBLAQ, but when I listened to Oh Yeah my mind change completly, it was totally my style!

    Thanks to you for your giveaway project ^^
    and goodluck to everyone!

  19. Name: Melinda Nguyen

    ~ your Twitter Id: mel_B2UTY

    ~ your e-mail: melinda_mel60@hotmail.com

    ~ your country: Australia

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ:

    Since I’m a B2UTY, I love the relationship between MBLAQ and BEAST, they are not rivals but rather really close friends.

    So I started to become interested in MBLAQ and started watching Idol Army.
    Through Idol Army, I found that these guys are really funny and genuine ^^
    I love their personalities and their quirky “village idiot-ness” and their talents.

    Oh, and “Y” is a really good song. I hope they keep doing well with it and wish them all the best in the future 🙂

  20. ~ Name: Airene

    ~ your Twitter Id: lovelikeoxygen_

    ~ your e-mail: littlemiss.sunshine13@yahoo.com

    ~ your country: Philippines.

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: I like MBLAQ because of their overall dorkiness + hotness. Their farmboy maknae, mustached vocal, another hot vocal, the maknae like and the yakuza leader. MBLAQ FTW.

  21. Name: Clare Chia
    Twitter: Aoiare
    Email: Aoiare@live.com
    Country: Singapore
    Reason for liking MBLAQ:
    I have always been a fan of them since their debut. Im one of the many fans who watches their videos over and over again. While being an active forumer, i was pretty embarrassed because i did not showed my support for buying their albums. T^T
    I hope i will get a chance to win this giveaway as i really want to own something which is MBLAQ-branded.
    Thank you for organizing something so sweet, i really appreciate it!

  22. ~ Name: Phuong Thanh

    ~ your Twitter Id: @moko7

    ~ your e-mail:sapphire_237@yahoo.com

    ~ your country: Vietnam

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: my friend makes me like them 🙂 She’s showed me a lot of pics, fancam, they’re so cute 🙂 And this comeback, they’re so hot and I really like their music

  23. ~ Name: Leah
    ~ Twitter Id: _flashbest
    ~ E-Mail: xleahmarie@gmail.com
    ~ Country: USA
    ~ I think MBLAQ is the coolest kpop group out right now, hahah. Their styling, songs, dances, music videos- everything is sleek, sexy, suave, and just cool! Contrast that with their goofier, lovable personalities off-stage, and they’re a group I think will go far!

  24. Name: ALandia Gaspi

    Twitter Id: @alandiamay

    e-mail: alandia_maya@yahoo.com

    country: Philippines

    the reason you like MBLAQ: I like MBLAQ because i love it when they scream in their show Idol Army. I like how they throw jokes to each other and i like their songs. 🙂

  25. ~ Name : Yasmin

    ~ your Twitter I’d : c_hae

    ~ your e-mail : yasmin2708@gmail.com

    ~ your country :Indonesia

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ : I Like them because of their talents in music, singing and dancing to be exact. I like how they’re acts, cute and dorky. Their songs help me get through my rough days, when I’m depressed or sick. When I’m sad I can always imagine their funniness and then I would smile again. That’s the reasons why I like them 🙂

  26. ~ Name: Nicole
    ~ your Twitter Id: NikkiRiver
    ~ your e-mail: nyckolle_12@hotmail.com
    ~ your country: Brazil
    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: My reason is because they aren’t just pretty faces. They have talent! These guys really touch my heart with your music.

  27. ~ Name: Kazhy

    ~ your Twitter Id: jaejoongismine

    ~ your e-mail: kazhy419@yahoo.com

    ~ your country: Philippines

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: They put on really great performances, multi-talented and plain hilarious! XD

  28. hey! hope that i can win this CD! *prays*

    name : Vya Fiona
    twitter id : vyafiona
    email : vyafiona@rocketmail.com
    country : Indonesia 😀

    reason why i like MBLAQ?

    well, i like them cause their songs are easy-listening in my head. so i could play their musics all day looong.

    reason why i want their CD?

    i don’t have enough money >o<
    and i don't have any paypall or something to buy it in online stores.

  29. Name: Stephanie
    your Twitter Id: Sunnimi
    your e-mail: q_t_Pie210@hotmail.com
    your country: USA
    the reason you like MBLAQ:
    I honestly was, when I first saw them, was really interested in the mustache, but as Idol army went on I realized there is more to them. G.O. is more than just a mustache, he has an awkward since of humor too. Seungho has more than dark clouds, he has a yakuza body also! Joon is not just too buff for his own sanity he is just…..
    Cheondoong is not the youngest. And Mir is as weird as he seems. So basically I like them for not putting on a fake image and being themselves. I like their ‘What image?’ personality!

  30. ~Name: Nadia

    ~Twitter ID: @Nadinsbfm

    ~Email: Nadia.125@live.com

    ~Country: Brunei Darussalam

    ~the reason you like MBLAQ: Because.. their boss, Rain is sexy, Lee Jun is super sexy, G.O is uberly sexy, Mir is super to the max sexy and Thunder is damn sexy. And so are you! (if you let me win :))

  31. Name


    ~ your Twitter Id


    ~ your e-mail


    ~ your country


    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ

    Y? simply because MBLAQ=irresistible, and i’m an A+!! nothing that i don’t like about them, and their dorkiness are just too !@#$% to handle! i love ’em! oh yeah! i’m sure the day i meet them, it will be one better day with the g.o.o.d luv!

  32. ~ Name: Christine Joy Rapiz

    ~ your Twitter Id: CEEHJAYE

    ~ your e-mail: brickster_88@yahoo.com

    ~ your country:Philippines

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: What’s not to like? 😀 They’re hot, they’re talented, funny, and juuust SUPERR ADORABLE. :)) Lee Joon’s smile makes me melt~ :”>

  33. Name: Jessica Chua

    Twitter: @bibimbapY

    E-mail: tohojess@gmail.com

    Country: Malaysia

    Reason you like MBLAQ: I fell for them ever since I saw the Oh Yeah MV, and they just keep getting better and better ever since. They constantly surprise us with their multiple talents, their level of dorkiness, their humility, and the effort they put into their hard work. How can a group be so different on stage and off stage?! And most of all, I love them because I know they truly love A+ with all their hearts.

  34. ~ Name: amanda yee kl

    ~ your Twitter Id: @stuckonhigh

    ~ your e-mail: stuckonhigh@gmail.com

    ~ your country: australia melbourne

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ:
    they can’t stop giving us good love, good love, good love.. oh yeah, oh yeah they make us go “i’m feeling good”. now do you know why Y? 😉

  35. Name: Sarah
    Twitter Id: @pinkteaa
    E-mail: my_diary1205@yahoo.co.nz
    Country: New Zealand
    The reason you like MBLAQ: because they are so ADORKABLE<3 ;D
    and I LOVE THEIR SHOWS. Art of Seduction & Idol Army were awesome 😀
    oh, oh, oh aaand i especially loved it when they did a hidden camera to Joon 😀

  36. ~ Name: fanny halim~
    your Twitter Id: @nnnoui
    ~ your e-mail:
    ~ your country: Indonesia,Surabaya
    ~ the reason you like
    MBLAQ: Because they are so so adorable,charismatic both in variety and stage!they are adorkable.i can’t describe it with words,because i love them to the max!

  37. Thanks for the opportunity. Gonna give it a try ^__^

    Name: Ciska
    Twitter Id: jinminki
    e-mail: nagase4ever@yahoo.com
    Country: Indonesia
    The reason I like MBLAQ: 1st it must be their talents 🙂 And of course couldn’t excluded their looking hehehe But besides those reasons, I admire how they interact at each others, how they doesn’t afraid to show their true selves in front of people.

  38. ~ Name : Afifah Ramli

    ~ your Twitter Id : @afifahramli

    ~ your e-mail : pea.pah90@gmail.com

    ~ your country : Malaysia

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ
    –> By calling themselves as Chic Idols, personally I think yes, they are Chic Idols.. But somehow, that feeling always not in a fixed position. The main reason is because they always being crazy, especially in Variety Shows. By conducting MBLAQ Idol Army, their childish and happy side were obviously shown. That’s why I love them. They’re not being professional all the time, which the fans, especially A+ will love because all of us like to see their true colors. And of course, their talents; the cool leader Seungho, not only can sing, but good in piano too.. MBLAQ voice, GO, with or without moustache, still the handsome man!!.. our Hollywood Star, Lee Joon, you can sing as well good in acting, you work really hard to satisfy your fan.. thank you so much.. Dara’s brother, Cheundoong (Thunder), you can sing very well, and now being a MC, all fans want to wish you all the best!! .. and last but not least, the awesome Maknae, MIR, it’s not easy being a rapper, so young rapper, work hard!! MBLAQ DAEBAK!!

  39. ~ Name: fanny halim~
    your Twitter Id: @nnnoui
    ~ your e-mail:
    ~ your country: Indonesia,Surabaya
    ~ the reason you like
    MBLAQ: Because they are so so adorable,charismatic both in variety and stage!they are adorkable.i can’t describe it with words,because i love them to the max! please.its very rare to get their album.i really glad you make giveway! 😀

  40. name: syaf
    twitter id: syaffff
    email: ladiesyaf@hotmail.com
    country: singapore
    reason why i love MBLAQ: joon’s awesome abs, bang cheol yang’s wittiness, thunder’s amazing rap, seungho’s permanent eyebags and G.O’s ‘mature’ looking goatee. hahaha. basically-they are awesome!

  41. ~ Name: Kim Nguyen
    ~ your Twitter Id: @kmnguyn
    ~ your e-mail: keyy.mingle@hotmail.com
    ~ your country: Australia
    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: their stage performances are just so powerful, songs are addicting ^^, and they’re funny and straight forward on variety shows plus they can act 😀
    liked them since debut ^^

  42. Name: Khong Shook Wai

    ~ your Twitter Id: @shookwai

    ~ your e-mail: ksw1704@gmail.com

    ~ your country: Malaysia

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: I don’t know. Its cos they’re really charming. Art of Seduction was super entertaining.

  43. Name: Jane
    Twitter Id: @xyhae
    E-mail: janecorbilla@ymail.com
    Country: Philippines
    The reason you like MBLAQ: because they’re all uh-mayzing. each of them has unique personality and they are undeniably talented. I don’t like them, i LOVE them! I love their dorkiness, their amazing talents and their attitude! GO MBLAQ! FIGHTING!! ^.^

  44. ~ Name: Grace

    ~ your Twitter Id: @flurve

    ~ your e-mail: showyouheaven [at] gmail [dot] com

    ~ your country: Mid East

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: At first instance, they come across as the ultimate younger versions of their sunbae, Rain, – poised, chiseled, delectable, suave and mesmerizing – and there’s no reason to doubt that. Equipped with remarkable vocal harmonization and hypnotic dancemoves, they engulf the listener and spectator in a trance. I can’t help but sing along, replaying that same song over and over – like a drug (currently that’s Y). Underneath that chic-dol exterior lies the 5 lovable and dorkable personalities of the ~greatest people you’ll ever meet~ (or come to know of). I’m inspired by their exemplary dedication and passion towards music. For all of these reasons, I LOVE THEM SFM!

  45. ~ Name : Najmin binti Mohamed

    ~ your Twitter Id : sakuramin

    ~ your e-mail : min_najmin@yahoo.com.my

    ~ your country : Malaysia

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ : because of their music ( I really love Mir’s rap! so cool).. and their slumber-ness in variety shows..

  46. ~ Name: Diana Petrina

    ~ your Twitter ID: @dianapetrina

    ~ your e-mail: diana_obana@hotmail.com:

    ~ your country: Indonesia

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: i love Dorky Mir. Joon Abs. Seungho’s aegyo. G.O’s charisma. Thunder’s cute voice. I love seeing them together, I could feel their strong bond :3

  47. ~ Name: Fiorenza

    ~ your Twitter Id: raenxia

    ~ your e-mail: sarashina_kitami@hotmail.com

    ~ your country: Indonesia

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: because they’re such dorks!!! I love how they act shamelessly.. XD they’re talented too. although they’re still rookie, i see their vocal n dance are quite good! ^^ love joon and mir’s 4Dness~ x)

  48. ~ Name: Sara

    ~ your Twitter Id: @9LilSa

    ~ your e-mail: saraalseini@hotmail.com

    ~ your country: Saudi Arabia

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: Because I love them but my favorite is Joon! He’s the best dance 😀 I mean I’m sure Sengho’s bboy than him. Also I love their song too of course!

  49. ~ Name: Sarah
    ~ your Twitter ID: puccafunnyg
    ~ your e-mail: puccafunnyg@hotmail.com
    ~ your country: England
    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: They’re just so aDORable keke.. chicdols? more like lovable DORKdols keke ❤ they're all so talented too and cute ❤

  50. ~ Name- Nina

    ~ Twitter- @aquii96

    ~ E-Mail- nthirakoune@yahoo.com

    ~ Country- USA

    ~ Reason for liking MBLAQ-
    Uhhh Lets see….
    1) They all have great voices.
    2) They are all really funny individually and super funny together.
    3) Have great dancing skills.
    4) Tells secrets about Rain
    5) Have great variety skills
    6) Their acting skills<33
    I have many more reasons but they aren't coming to my mind right now……
    But overall they are just so awesome in all areas of the entertainment world.

  51. Name: Pauline
    Twitter Id: musicmateLinou
    E-mail: pauline.lebon@hotmail.fr
    Country: France
    The reason you like MBLAQ : Difficult to answer, there’s so much to say about them!!! But of course the main reason is their music. I love all of their songs. The new mini album is great!!!
    And I love each member of course. I just love how they are so natural during shows or interviews. Even if I’m sometimes quite “ashamed” of Mir, he’s still my fav member. I don’t want him to change ever xD
    They’re so dorky. I can’t help smiling whenever I see them ^______^

  52. ~ Name: Desiree

    ~ your Twitter Id: DesireeTurner13

    ~ your e-mail: barkners@gmail.com

    ~ your country: USA

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: I like MBLAQ because each member is very unique and has their own special talent that makes them shine. As a group they have worked hard as a rookie group to make a lot of new fans and current fans love them even more. From their debut until now, they have greatly come a long way in improving vocally, as well as a group. I really love their “Y” album, and really shows their true talents as musicians.

  53. ~ Name: Elkana

    ~ Twitter ID: wannabefob

    ~ Email: fobeechan@yahoo.com

    ~ Country: USA

    ~ Reason why I like MBLAQ: All the members of MBLAQ are all very outgoing and not afraid of the camera. They like to play around with each other and are goofy. They’re all so talented – acting, singing, rapping, dancing, and what not? They really are Music Boys that Live in Absolute Quality!

  54. Name : Yeoh Lee Leng
    Your Twitter Id : @LHHYKSSEDSRKK
    Your e-mail : yll_11@hotmail.com
    Your Country : Malaysia
    The reason you like MBLAQ : I’m an A+ since they debuted! 😀 Seung Ho, G.O, Lee Joon, Thunder & Mir, they lighten up my day. I like MBLAQ so much because they’re like one of the best male group to me. The adorable, multi-talented, hot, amazing, dorkiness, charismatic MBLAQ. MBLAQ is one of those group which makes me love and get addicted to KPOP more. ❤ AND i really love this group alot, but i always can't show my support for them by buying their albums so i decided to join this Giveaway. I really hope that I'm lucky (: Anyway, really appreciate and thank you for this giveaway! 😀

  55. Name: Chun Chor Mun Jina

    ~ your Twitter Id: jina_me

    ~ your e-mail: jina_me@hotmail.com

    ~ your country: Singapore

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: They absolutely deserve the love from all of us! They’re a close group of boys who work hard together and they enjoy singing, dancing together. A fun-loving group! ^^

  56. ~ Name: Tara
    ~ your Twitter Id: tanica21
    ~ your e-mail: yellow_tanica21@yahoo.com
    ~ your country: Philippines
    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: I’ve been a fan of them since their debut and I’ll never regret being an A+..=] They’re all talented and adorkable! I love their personality esp their sense of humor. They never fail to make me laugh. ^-^ All of their stage performances are amazing and you can really see that they’re passionate in their work. I love all of their shows esp Idol Army (I really miss watching that show T_T). They are definitely chic-idols! I also like their music and I love them so much! MBLAQ all the way!! 😀

  57. ~ Name: Fiona

    ~ your Twitter Id: breakawayx3

    ~ your e-mail: timeless.x3@hotmail.com

    ~ your country: Australia

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: I have to admit, it was Joon that first attracted me to MBLAQ, but after watching Idol Army and their performances, ultimately getting ot know them better, I find that each member has their own appeal. Gah, and they’re such dorks, I swear xD Totally different from their original masculine/chic/cool image :3 ahahha ~~ And they’re songs are awesome :3 Oh Yeah is undeniably catchy xD And Y ❤ and One Better Day ❤ Haha, love the dance :3

  58. ~ Name
    Serene Tan
    ~ your Twitter Id
    ~ your e-mail
    ~ your country
    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ
    one of the most talented boyband i would say! their dance is full of energy the whole time lol.. and love their songs too! Oh Yeah! xD

  59. ~ Name: Maricel

    ~ your Twitter Id: gdkwon

    ~ your e-mail: yg.sunnypark@gmail.com

    ~ your country: USA

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: I really adore their personalities. They seem like geniuinely good guys, and they display themselves fully, so you know what you see is what you get.

  60. Name: Nini
    your Twitter Id: @cl0udie
    your e-mail: cloudie@live.co.kr
    your country: Malaysia
    the reason you like MBLAQ: Cute & funny boys! 🙂 Been liking them ever since I’ve heard the news of Rain forming a new boyband. ♥

  61. ~ Name : Sheila Nabila
    ~ Twitter Id : @chosheila
    ~ e-mail : sheilanabila@hotmail.com
    ~ country : Indonesia
    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ : They give good music and they are so cool. i love all of them, i love their music and i love all of their shows episode Idol Army. because of their talent not just in singing and dancing but they are have lots of talent. and finally i love LEE JOON ❤

  62. Name : Tiffany
    Your Twitter Id : aminteitha
    Your e-mail : aminteitha_tye_melane@hotmail.fr
    Your Country : France
    The reason you like MBLAQ : When i knew that Bi was producing a boysband of course i was very interested ! MBLAQ are very talented guys, they have their own personnality and don’t play a role in front of camera. I like the fact that they stayed themselves (and reveal secret about Bi lol)they can be funny, serious, dork, cute or sexy ! their music are always catchy, their dance skill perfect and their live always great ! this is one of music revelation of the year I think ! I hope they will have a long and great career !! MBLAQ fighting !

  63. ~ Name: nanda charitanadya

    ~ your Twitter Id: @luurve

    ~ your e-mail: shilverfigs@yahoo.com

    ~ your country: jakarta,indonesia

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: because of their talent, singing and dancing. their dork, sexy, and hotness. And because they’re choosen by kpop king Rain, you know that they are absolutely the next big thing in kpop. I can’t resist their charm >.<

  64. ~ Name: Alexia Lin
    ~ your Twitter Id: @honeyabsyum
    ~ your e-mail: anaira_99@live.com
    ~ your country: Singapore
    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: because they are the first group to make me like kpop so much. i always thought it was overrated and prettyboys. but they have talent and personality together with the bonus looks. Their sincerity and the child in them shows clearly in variety shows, which i love!

    i have no card, and im underage, so cannot order online! hope i can win this! 😀

  65. i thought i commented alr, but i cant find it now!))):

    name: alexia lin
    twitter id: @honeyabsyum
    email: anaira_99@live.com
    country: singapore
    reason why i love MBLAQ: they are the first group that got me head over heels deeply in love with kpop. i used to think its overrated esp here in singapore and just prettyboys and crazyfangirls. but mblaq has shown to me that they do have talent and personality beneath all that pretty features.

    if i had a card, i’d prolly be the first to buy their album offline. but im too young and i have no card/money!): hoping to win this thanks for your giveaway!

  66. ~ Name: Shya
    ~ your Twitter Id: @joontastic
    ~ your e-mail: vanilla-iscreeam@hotmail.com
    ~ your country: Singapore
    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: During the OHYEAH period, joon’s smile pulled me in. that sexy smile and the sexy mole of his got me into MBLAQ lol. i cant put into words why i love them so much, its just that unexplainable feeling. i get an adrenaline rush when i see their name, hear their songs and get so animated talking about them.
    THEIR FIRST WIN ON MCD, WAS THE BIGGEST HAPPIEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK. i was so proud of them, as though they were my siblings who got some presidential position.


  67. ~ Name
    Chun Yen (i just emailed you today!)
    ~ your Twitter Id
    ~ your e-mail
    ~ your country
    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ
    they are all so cute! 😀 haha. and not to forget the hot leejoon ❤ they all have amazing vocals and i definitely found out more about them and loved them even more after watching their idol army! it gave me another group to like (: i love kpop alot and i'm a mad fangirl. mblaq has made me go even crazier over kpop! everyone's just so awesome there 😀 will never forget any of the oppas there ^^
    i hope i can win this album! it's impossible for me to get one via yesasia without my parents consent D:

  68. ~ Name : Angelie Benjamin

    ~ your Twitter Id :ohkpop

    ~ your e-mail : ohgelie@hotmail.co.uk

    ~ your country : London, UK

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ : Because they all have proven that they are just not another male idol group. With their ‘Y’ promotions they showed everyone what they are capable of and got the love what they deserve. I wasn’t a big fan of them before, but now that I’m really loving the improvements they’ve been making – I am joining the wagon. 🙂

  69. ~ Name: Ana Rita

    ~ your Twitter Id: @kimnyachan

    ~ your e-mail: annarittadias@hotmail.com

    ~ your country: Portugal

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: MBLAQ is one of the groups who doesn’t care for their idol image a lot, since their debut they show their real selfs and love their fans. That’s why i like MBLAQ, they’re funny,caring,sweet,manly they’re true and don’t have afraid to show what they really are. They always show their best sides, they have talent, all of them have his own talent and charm. All of this is what makes me like MBLAQ because of their music and they’re personallities and also MBLAQ is my role model to accomplish my dream of being a singer.

  70. ~ Name
    ~ your Twitter Id

    ~ your e-mail

    ~ your country

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ
    well frankly speaking i am not a big fan of MBLAQ. i did listen to thier song and i adore their dances lots. they can really dance well same as rain =).

  71. ~ Name: Yesenia
    ~ your Twitter Id: @ChoiRaeHwa
    ~ your e-mail: yesenia-1993@hotmail.com
    ~ your country: Peru
    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: the first time who I saw Oh Yeah I was like “oh yeah!!” xDDD I just love them, since mir to seungho, they’re awesome.
    their skills are fantastic too, singing, dancing, they always do their best for make A+ more happy and proud.
    I’m gratefull for know them, for be able to saw their debut and their 1st win. I just hope to can see also their brilliant future, like a group, like persons. MBLAQ FIGHTING. >w<

    *sorry for the bad english x'D*

  72. ~ Name
    ~ your Twitter Id
    ~ your e-mail
    ~ your country
    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ
    I loved the 2PM Idol Army season, so i thought i should watch the new Idol army season even if I don’t know MBLAQ. And than i saw the first episode and i was like OMG these Guys are handsome. And I watched more episoded and i found out that they aren’t only handsome but funny and talented. I couldn’t resist them, I can’t choose a fave member because they’re all perfect :] So the reason for liking MBLAQ is they’re perfect and just awesome, they’re music is great and their style and everything is just the best. I can’t really explain why i like them it’s fate to be A+.

  73. ~ Name ; haleeda

    ~ your Twitter Id ; haeli_

    ~ your e-mail ; tzwitches@hotmail.com

    ~ your country ; singapore

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ;
    they are cool. and thier dorkiness are to cute to not to notice. and thier president it hot .hahahhahahaha n____n thier dances move are always coolzzz~

  74. ~ Name: Virginia

    ~ your Twitter Id: ImABoxInTheShip

    ~ your e-mail: maru18_8[at]hotmail.com

    ~ your country: Uruguay

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: I’ve been following them since their debut and although at first I thought Oh Yeah wasn’t that great (now I love it xD), I really loved their attitude on stage! Their singing, rapping and dancing were/are amazing! That’s why I kept watching their performances and of course I started watching Idol Army and other shows where I definitively fell for them, because they are natural. They’re idols, yeah, but they don’t pretend to be someone else. They show who they really are. And with their new album, I can’t help but feel so proud of them for all their hard work.

  75. ~ Name Emilie

    ~ your Twitter Id BGSS2_Maknae

    ~ your e-mail bgss2_cute_maknae@hotmail.fr

    ~ your country France

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ Because they do good music, are good looking, dance well, and are funny ^–^ I didn’t like Oh yeah a lot (G.O.O.D Luv was soooo much better!) but their new mini-album is so good! (my favorite are Last love and One Better Day is just too cute ^–^)

  76. ~ Name Tiffany Yoon

    ~ your Twitter Id missme_2pm

    ~ your e-mail tiffylinda@hotmail.com

    ~ your country United States

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ Well I totally fell in love when I first saw Oh Yeah, both the teaser and the MV. Yet this album caught me by surprise – it was x1039890842309432 better! The songs are AMAZING, I can’t stop listening to them. And their new looks (especially Thunder<3) are amazing. So cute, and I download all their variety shows! (Idol Army, Interviews, KangShimJang, etc.) LOVE them! ❤

  77. Let’s give it a try 😀

    Name: Silvia

    your Twitter Id: @ashurachan

    your e-mail: ashurasm@gmail.com

    your country: Spain

    the reason you like MBLAQ: I think they are a more mature idol band with real skills. They can sing, they can dance, they can rap, and they are funny 🙂 I think they can improve a lot. 🙂

  78. ~ Name: Stephanie
    ~ your Twitter ID: @StephShiny
    ~ your e-mail: ysnwkhbs@hotmail.com
    ~ your country: USA
    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: Truthfully, the reason I paid attention to them (at first) was because they were Rain’s first group. But as I saw them live and as I got to know them, I loved them for them ❤ Especially, Lee Joon's smile and shirt-lifting (and his dance at the beginning of Y), Mir's dorkyness, Seungho's damn good looks, G.O.'s unique moustache (which looked really good on him), and Chundoong's, well, chundoong-ness.
    이준, 미르, 승호, 지오, and 천둥~ 엠블랙 LOVE haha :]
    So, that's my reason. Sorry it was too long? 😀

  79. ~ Name: Milaine
    ~ your Twitter Id: Mimi_Cherry
    ~ your e-mail: good_girl_9120@hotmail.com
    ~ your country: Canada
    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: I love them since their debut!! Their songs and dance are awesome! Seungho has amazing piano skills, I love Lee Joon’s split, Mir’s rapping skills is just irresistable and love all of his “over-reacting” moments, Chun Doong is just too cute to be true ^_^ and I totally love G.O’s voice~ They have their own charm that makes them unique~ And they have their own way to be funny. For me they were like “love at first sight” ^_^ That’s the awesomeness of MBLAQ~

  80. ~ Name : Yusniar Rachman
    ~ Twitter : bling2joosie
    ~ e-mail : blingblingjoosie@gmail.com
    ~ country : Indonesia
    ~ the reason i like MBLAQ : they are so funny and talented and entertaining hahaha.. Joon caught my eyes first on Oh Yeah, then i start to watch Idol Army and fall in love with all of them.. they are total dorks ♥

  81. Name: Chermaine
    Twitter Id: 13onamana
    E-mail: chermainelooi_539@hotmail.com
    Country: Singapore
    The reason you like MBLAQ: I started to love them during Art of Seduction. Their personalities are more than just of ordinary idols ❤ Then came idol army and… wow. Of course they are under Rain, their voices and dancing skills are beyond expectations. 🙂

  82. I don’t know if I’ll make it in time, but I’ll try anyway~

    ~ Name: Marta

    ~ your Twitter Id: nontransparent

    ~ your e-mail: may.tsukino@gmail.com

    ~ your country: Poland

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ:
    m) good MUSIC is my life and they make some
    b) our BOYS are not only talented, they also have strong personalities
    l) idol’s LIVEs are tough so they need some fans to cheer them on, right?
    a) ABSOLUTE in a name means perfection ^^
    q) QUALITY over quantity – do I have to say more?

  83. Where’s mine? :O Didn’t I write it before? T_T
    ~ Name: Sara

    ~ your Twitter Id: @9LilSa

    ~ your e-mail: saraalseini@hotmail.com

    ~ your country: Saudi Arabia

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: Because MBLAQ is good dance and singer well! I love them but my favorite is Joon 🙂
    Thanks for giveaway

  84. Name : Lee Yeh Yee
    Twitter ID : Lee_YehYee
    Email : lyy_chick@hotmail.com
    Country : Malaysia
    Why I love MBLAQ :
    First and for all, I love them because they’re so talented. I actually salute them for be so successful at such young age and thats why I make them my idols. I watched a few episodes of Raising Idols where MBLAQ’a Thunder is in that show. After that, I got even more attracted to MBLAQ. I love their songs, especially Oh Yeah. I just love their chreography, its not easy so I assumed that those young boys are really born to be stars. Apart from that, I like the love between Thunder and his sister, Sandara Park. They are so sweet as a sibling. I follow the MBLAQ members’ twitter just to get their updates, and I realised their english is good. 🙂

  85. Name: Nisa
    Twitter Id: nisaho
    E-mail: egoisti-khai@hotmail.com
    Country: Singapore!
    The reason you why I like MBLAQ: because their songs have awesome beats! and they dance so well! 🙂 and of course, because they’re Rain sunbae’s disciples!!! =) and I love G.O!!

  86. Name: Fernanda
    Twitter Id: fashiwanista
    e-mail: ferlopes86@gmail.com
    country: Brazil
    reason you like MBLAQ: they have many talents and are extremely hard-working, thats one of the things I like most about people.They were able to overcome the title of “idols broomed by Rain” and made a name for themselves, that shows how amazing they are. ♥

  87. ~ Name

    ~ your Twitter Id

    ~ your e-mail

    ~ your country
    Indonesia 😉

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ
    They are ALL overtalented people and really silly hahaha. I love someone who doesn’t care for his image 😛 and abs ❤

  88. Stephanie Jemnise Lirios

    The reason why I like MBLAQ is pretty simple. They are entertaining and talented. people are expecting them to be like little Rain and they are living to that expectation. Actually exceeding it. Not only that they can dance, they can sing, they can make people laugh, they make people, at least me to see that not all in the entertainment industry is fake. One of the few kpop artists who shouts real.

  89. ~ Name: Linx

    ~ your Twitter Id: linxiie

    ~ your e-mail: min_luv_westlife@hotmail.com

    ~ your country: Singapore

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: they are a bunch of adorable kids. hilarious, charismatic, and talented! just love these dorky boys. they are AWESOME!!

  90. ~ Name: Syazana

    ~ your Twitter Id: @flywithturtle

    ~ your e-mail: nana_foreva@hotmail.com

    ~ your country: Singapore

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: I like MBLAQ because they dance well and have great songs with nice beats! And they are definitely funny and entertaining in variety shows!

  91. ~ Name: TAM

    ~ your Twitter Id: tammie0908

    ~ your e-mail: francesmaricar_deguzman@yahoo.com

    ~ your country: Philippines

    ~ the reason you like MBLAQ: I like MBLAQ because they are so adorable! :”> they are the only group who all has same blood type and they are all type A! :”> (as i can remember). I love their music! I love each and everyone of them, they have a certain spark where you will be attracted when you see them, I love their being crazy and cute dorks. In short, I love them for who they are! 🙂

  92. name: Mehdi
    twitter id: SONE009
    country: 9thwish @ gmail.com
    reason why i love MBLAQ: i like the relation they have as a group, they all are essential to the group and everyone brings something, except for SS501 I wasn’t so into boy groups but since MBLAQ It has changed. Plus, you gotta love JooMi otp rofl

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