[Fan Account] DiGi Kpop Party 2011 w/ BEAST, 4minute & G.Na 13Jan2011!

Before The Party

I was actually confuse about where the concert took place. I asked several Malaysian and they also confuse about this Stadium Negara which I asked them about >.< Why u said? Because there are 2 stadiums near the place, one is National Stadium and one is Merdeka Stadium and the concert took place at Merdeka Stadium behind a school (why on earth they wrote Stadium Negara in the first place?)  So, I took a monorail from Imbi station and get off at Hang Tuah station (I know! It’s only 1 station LOL) then I asked once again to some people who passes the station. I asked her and she gave me the same direction to Merdeka Stadium, so me and my friend leave and headed to the stadium. What makes me n my friend a bit worried was because there’s no sign of a concert nearby, there were no sign boards, banners, posters, etc so we were kind of worried whether we’re heading to the right stadium or not U_U

After crossing the road with a bridge and pass the school, I finally see the kpop fans crowd. So, me and my friend feel relieve ^^ Then we walk faster and enter the location.We see few stands selling CDs, Tees, light stick, etc.

Me and the backdrop

My friend and the backdrop ^^

Me and my friend took a photo in front of BEAST giant backdrop and all artist backdrop and also bought 1 cd from BEAST. Though, we want to buy more, we only bring few cash, so we decide to buy only 1 cd as we planned to buy KPOP cds at the nearest cd store around our Hotel at Bukit Bintang area using our credit cards ^^

After buying the CD and BEAST light stick,

We handed our ticket and they gave us a paper wristband according to our ticket zone and we enter the gate.

More fan account and fancams under the cut!

Me and my friend ran to our area just to see that our area seats were ALL FULL U_U Then we asked and get info that we can stand in front of the sitting area and stands near the stage.

Our standing position was not too far from the stage. We arrived around 7 pm and the crowd was already around 50% at the location. DiGi played their TV commercial and of course the performers’ MV.

The stage was quite big and completed with 2 giant screen at its left and right side.

They keep playing DiGi TV Commercial and MVs. At around 8 pm the MC came out and did his job LOL I don’t really paying any attentions to him coz I only focus on practicing my fancam side LOL he was actually promoting DiGi card benefits and saying some stuff about BEAST, 4minute and G.Na. Anyway, not long after that, he welcomes the 1st performer and it was G.Na!

G.Na’s Performance

fancam1 fancam2 fancam3 fancam4 fancam5

G.Na’s 1st song was her single featuring BEAST JunHyung called “I’ll get off so u can live better”! She sings well and I was anticipating JunHyung’s appearance much ^^ My fancam was ok at first, yet, the moment Jun out it was a chaos, everyone’s screaming and I couldn’t focus as well >.< After he left, I gained my conscious again LOL

G.Na did 3 songs and 1 interview. She covers Rihanna’s single “take a bow” and her “Supa Solo” single.

After that, 2nd performer out and it was 4minute.

4minute’s Performance

fancam1 fancam2 fancam3 fancam4

4minute greeted their fans with “HuH”. They performed their songs nicely.

I have to admit that 4minute is one of my favorite girlgroup after KARA and JiYoon is my favorite.

Why u asked? Because  the girls have their own style and their music style also suits mine.

They did 5 songs including “I, Me, My, Mine”, “Muzik”, “Highlight” and closed their performance with “Hot Issue”.

Overall, the girls sang well and was really anticipated by the crowd. I think their fans’ numbers are 2nd the most after BEAST at the concert. And, as I see, most of the B2UTies are also 4minute fans (like me ^^).

After that, a video played BEAST MVs and YES it is their turn!!

BEAST’s Performance

fancam1 fancam2 WholePerformanceFancam

You know how much I like BEAST, how I like JunHyung and that my main reason for coming to the concert is because of BEAST! As I know how much I like them, I really want to enjoy their performance and planned to only did 1 fancam and that explains my few fancams during their stagey. Yet, my friend is so nice as she recorded BEAST performance from the very beginning until the end (excluded their encore, she took it w/ my digicam).

If u asked why so many distraction during the BEAT fancams and why so many people’s hands in the fancams U_U

Very sorry, but u have to know that when BEAST came out the crowd went crazy and all in high spirit ^^

People were jumping, screaming, moved their lightstick, etc!

It was hard to take a good fancam so please give my friend a credit for her hardwork okay ^^

Anyway, the boys started their performance with (my favorite song) “Special”! Man, I was dreaming to see the song LIVE and they sang the song at the concert! Can u imagine how happy I was! Everybody was screaming and singing together with BEAST!  I can tell that BEAST also surprise with the crowd ^^v

Then they continue to the next song and it was “SOOM” OMG! It was uber great!!!! These boys are super talented! I was hooked by their singing and dancing skills! I alwas loved their LIVE skills and I prove it by my own ears and eyes that these boys are so talented! They sing perfecly just like I heard on cd (even better) and surprised me and prove their skills to me and from that moment I realized that I favor the right artist ^^ BEAST jjang!!! choigo da!!!

After that, the MC came out and interviewed them.

The boys then continue their performance with “Shock” song and once again the crowd sing along with them ^^ I can soo DooWoon’s happy face to see us singing with them ^^ Then, a ballad song played n we all scream as “OASIS” is the next song ^^ After that, the boys talked with us for a while. DongWoon spoke simple English saying that Gikwang couldn’t make it and missed Malaysian fans. Then he randomly says,”Don’t Miss me. sorry” LOL

Mianhaeyo, I was too focusing on Jun’s appearance and too late to realize his absence. [Later I know, that his absence was because his drama shooting and Win Win shooting schedule] Hope to see BEAST again with full member! *Amen to that ^^

The boys looked happy and even laughing happily on stage (DooSeob) then leader Joon says that it will be their last song and JunHyung plays with his movements and suddenly turned his body and saw the back side of the stage and all of the sudden “BEAUTIFUL” intro started and he turn again  to the audience fastly (as he is the 1st person to sing LOL) He was uber funny here ^^ And, HyunSeung sings GiKwang’s lyrics’ part wrongly at the 1st verse LOL

As the song started people are like screaming like hell and sing along loudly n I mean LOUDLY ^^ After singing, they left and everybody is like screaming “Encore, encore, encore!” Then we heard the boys’ voice again and they came out and sing another song which is V.I.U !!!! They sing happily and all of us are singing with the boys again ^^ Especially the part “I love you you you you” of the song ^^v ❤

After the song ends, the MC and all artist came on stage and bow to the fans! While all artist get off the stage, YoSeob suddenly came back and bow again !! Omo! Super sweet! He respects us so much ^^ And, we always love his fanservice don’t we? ^^

The concert really ends afterwards.

My 2 cents : I really like how DiGi organized the concert, the stage is okay ^^ The performers are all GREAT and the stadium is also easy to reach (when u know the exact stadium and location lol ^^). The ticket price is also affordable, yet, I think they should consider foreign fans since KPOP concert will always attract foreign fans. So, it was quite hard to get the ticket for the foreigner as as we need to be DiGi subscriber in order to buy the ticket and it was hard while we’re not living in Malaysia, thx to my friend who helped me on this tix issue.

Anyway, I was soooooooooooooo happyyyyyyyyyyyy and was loving the concert and hope to see BEAST, 4minute and G.Na in another concert ^^

Thanks for reading and watching my videos and my friend’s video.

To watch the whole fancams click here for my YT playlist


Imuyachan for DiGi Kpop Party!


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