[MV|Review] BEAST – “SHOCK” Japanese

B2ST released an MV for their Japanese single “Shock”  on Feb 27,2011 via their official youtube account beastofficial.

We do still remember how the boys’ looked from their Shock Korean MV rite? Back then, the boys were dressed and put up a different style; Hyunseung w/ his edgy look, Jun with his bad boy look (remember his hair style ?), etc?

The J-MV filmed in an open ‘warehouse’ setting and it’s actually recorded with the same concept yet with a more mature look from the boys.

Filmed in a dark concept, the MV started a bit different in the early part as YoSeob sings in front of a huge fan. Then the video continues to the scene (just like the K-MV) where YoSeob laying on the floor with cables, etc. then the camera filmed all the B2ST member alternately while they’re dancing & singing. Exception for JunHyung who is still rapping in Korean (excluded the “talking” part), yet the rest of the members sing in both Japanese and English.

The MV also still use the fire effect when it almost reached the end of the song just like they had in the K-MV.

B2ST will have their Japanese debut on 16 March 2011 let’s wish them Good luck then!

MV Rating : 9/10



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