[MV|Review] Infinite – Nothing’s Over Full HD

Infinite come back with different concept from the previous one, this time, they do a cute and playfull concept. Dressed in colorful wardrobe and new hair do + hair color, Infinite indeed looked fresh and meets their ‘real’ age ^^

The song, as always impressed me much, as it sounds very nice and very pop means ‘easy listening’. A song that easily entertained your ears.

The MV concept isn’t just another cute concept, yet, it comes with a unique concept.

The MV main talent is SungYeol which is looking sad and all and the rest of the members are like singing to cheered him up over his sadness. I really like how they move the camera from one member to another.

‘L’ with his TV holding is just cute

an, the funny part is when Nam Star – Nam WooHyun hit by toilet tissues WTH haha ^^

L started the song with his unique voice and I am glad that he can sing more in this song. But, SungYeol and SungJong still not getting their lines except the chorus part. Hope Woolim give them more lines in the follow up song.

Overall, the MV concept + the song entertained me much so I give 8.5/10!

Check their 1st & 2nd Teaser


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