[Fan Account] BB Live&Rockin Concert w/ 2PM 19Mar2011!

Pre-Concert 18 March 2011

I exchange my online ticket into real ticket (physically) H-1 on 18 March 2011 at Social House, Grand Indonesia after office hours, yet, as I see the updates through the promoter twitter updates, the queue was already long until reached 1 level below at the actual floor of Social House. Anyway, when I arrived the queue is not too long anymore and I get my ticket in 5 minutes despite my super low battery Blackberry.

My ticket

Pre-Concert 19 March 2011

I arrived at the venue around 16.45 whilst the gate opened at 17.00.

I already know that the queue is already super long through updates from the promoter IsmayaLive twitter.

the long queue

The queue is so long, and as I see from the crowd age and looks I can say that they all Indonesia Hottest. I prove my guess as I see people screaming (all of them – trust me) 2PM members’ name : “Nichkhun”, “ChanSung” etc. while looking at the entrance gate. Some say that 2PM members are passing through, entering the venue, I don’t know whether this is true or not since I can’t see anything due to long queue.

The Gate

I decide to wait and not queuing while looking some Hottest to be interviewed.

I finally found one Hottest to be interviewed (the video is in my friends’ digicam-will share it the soonest).

After the interview, I queued with my friends and it took us around 1 hour to finally enter the venue.

After entering the venue, the front side stage area already packed with Hottest as I guessed and since 2PM is the 1st performer starting 7 pm this is no surprise.

There are 2 big screens on the right and left side of the stage showing what exactly happened on the stage. They keep playing Blackberry Testimony videos while the crowd screaming for 2PM (once again proving my guess that most of the crowd is Hottest), and the screaming stop when the clock showing  7 pm time.

Then ex MTV VJ Daniel and model Fahrani came out as the event VJ greeted the crowd and saying some stuff regarding the event. Then they introduced 2PM as the 1st performer and once again the crowd is exciting much!

The Concert

2PM came out and greet us fastly and sing their latest single “I’ll Be Back”

After that, the boys greet us warmly. I can tell that they didn’t expect this kind of welcome from Indonesia. Well, you’re not alone boys, since I also quite surprise to see that Indonesia Hottest is really huge in fact. The boys introduced themselves and everytime their favor member finished introduction the fans scream. I can tell that the most favor member for Indonesia Hottest graded by screaming is Nichkhun at 1st place and Chansung at 2nd.  The boys say that this is their 1st time coming to Indonesia and they looked surprise with the warm welcome. Taecyeon and Nichkhun are the one who spoke the most as they did it in English.

Khunnie really shows how he is really surprise with the number of the fans who came to the event last night. Taec always remind the fans to keep safe while standing and watching their performance, since there are a few pushing scenes which I hope won’t happened again.

Then they continue to the next song “Heartbeat” and “I hate You”.

Then they take a break and talk again and interact with the fans and they also say that this won’t be their last visit and that they will have their concert in Indonesia very soon. Then they sing their last song “10 out of 10” [no fancam from me for the last song].

Everybody is calling for Encore, and since it’s not their own concert 2PM couldn’t granted the fans’ whishes. Then the show is done for 2PM and continue to other artists.

After 2PM performance

The soonest the boys done their stagey, Hottest is leaving the venue and went outside. The difference is very significant. It is proven once again that 2PM is popular in Indonesia.

-Omitted for not related to 2PM/KPOP-

My 2 cents : The sound system is quite a mess at the beginning, I can barely hear 2PM voice. Yet, after few songs the sound system is better. 2PM is very friendly especially Taec and Khunnie who spoke quite fluent English so they can interact with the fans. Anyway, let’s thanked IsmayaLive for bringing one of KPOP big artist like 2PM to Indonesia. Hope they bring another KPOP artist and held their own concert [OK, a joint concert will do too]. We should give IsmayaLive an applause because despite everything they did a good job for the concert.



Imuyachan for BB Live&Rockin Concert


3 thoughts on “[Fan Account] BB Live&Rockin Concert w/ 2PM 19Mar2011!

  1. OMG so 2PM actually came to Indonesia???

    wow what is happening? Korean idols were spreading out throughout Indonesia..this is a progress haha..

    anyway so lucky of you to be there, seeing with you own eyes.

    by the way, how are you? it has been a long time ^^

    • hey dearie ^^ yeah..me also thinks this is quite a progress… for kpop lover in Indonesia ^^ 2PM did come here n next is JYJ concert ^^ it’s been a while i know..am doing good ^^ how ’bout u?

      • i heard that the concert had been canceled right? what had happen? by the way, are you feeling better right now ? 🙂

        did they have an autograph session?

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