[Ad] Actress Sung YuRi is going for LacVert Cosmetic!

Actress Sung YuRi is recently chosen as the new model of cosmetic LacVert (a Korean brand that is known for its natural amino acid content ~ good for moisturizing).

Her photos during the filming are released and she is seen wearing a white dress, new bob hair cut with smooth porcelain skin  at the Ad shooting site.

The staff said that Song YuRi shows her bright smile and pose naturally for the filming confirming her professionalism.

The shooting crew,”Song YuRi is chosen for her clean and smart image as well as being actress of the new generation.  We also believe that she will be able to represents our product to women of their 20s until 40s. And her soft charisma during the filming proves that we’ve made the right choice.”

Sung YuRi recently back to the small screen via her latest KBS drama “Romantic Town” which gained people’s attention.

Source : 김예나  via Nate


2 thoughts on “[Ad] Actress Sung YuRi is going for LacVert Cosmetic!

  1. Sung Yuri is my favorite actress and I’ve followed her development in her dramas and movies.Her skin is one of the most beautiful among the SK actresses and proof of that is her being sought after endorcer of beauty products .

    Congratulations for landing another drama lead role in Romance Town.To date she has been partnered with hunks of SK entertainment. I’m waiting for another drama where she will act with her schoolmate Jo In Sung or with Kim Hyun Joong .It will be better if its the three of them together .What a feast !

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