[Breaking News] Big Bang Daesung got into a car accident that involved taxi and motorcycle!

Big Bang member Daesung is reported to got into a car accident this morning.

The accident which happened on May 31, 2011 around 1:40 am local time took place at Yangpyong-dong, Seoul  involved Daesung’s car,  a taxi and motorcycle. Daesung drove his Audi car and hit a taxi drove my Mr. Kim (40 years old) in front him which in fact “might” hit another motorcycle drove by Mr. Hyun (30 years old). It is said that the taxi driver was  okay, yet, a motocyclist was found dead nearby. It is still investigate whether the dead motorcyclist is caused by the accident or not.

According to the police, Daesung didn’t know that his car had hit another vehicle. He thought only crashed into a taxi, and it is also still unknown whether Daesung was driving under the influence or not during the accident. The police is still doing an autopsy to the death motorcyclist to find out the death cause.

Source : bnt뉴스 via Nate

OMG! I hope Dae’s accident isn’t related to the death motorcyclist >.<


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