[Event|Report] Jakarta FantastiKpop Festival 2011 Press Conference

Jakarta FantastiKpop  Festival 2011 is close to the D-day and giving all the Kpop fans a huge anticipation.

The concert will be held on June 18, 2011 and the Press Conference is held today, June 17, 2011.

The Press Conference was throwed at  Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta and attended by all media invitees. The Press Conference is 1 hour late from the schedule (supposed to be on 13.30) and started at 14.30 local time.

The Press Conference 14.30 Jakarta time

The first ‘batch’ to greet us Media, is people from the promoter and sponsors.

Acted as MC is famous newscaster Chantal Della Concetta and Music Expert Bens Leo as moderator.

Also seated is the promoter Blackrock Entertainment and sponsors from plasa.com, Esia and Indonesian singer Alika.

Blackrock, ” This event is held because we  see how Korean Wave {Kpop} syndrome is now favored by Indonesian. By holding this event, we also supporting the popularity of Asian Music and hope Indonesian music can go International as well.”

Esia,” This is a magnificent event, and suits Esia consumers.”

Plasa.com,” This event is indeed a very huge event as Plasa.com never experienced in selling ticket for Korean artist concert, yet, we sell around 700 transactions and 800 transactions on the 1st and 2nd day of ticket selling and this is a selling record for us. These huge responds also made our server down for a while.

Alika – An Indonesian singer who is also a Kpop lover. She recently flew to Seoul and did a music video shooting at Everland. She also hope to see a total performance from the Korean singers at the festival.

The second ‘batch’ to greet us JOO and 2AM (minus JinWoon)

The first one to enter the room is JOO and followed by 2AM. After all artists seated and the interpreters ready, they start the Q&A session. Here’s some of those moments~

JOO is wearing a pretty  sackdress with  short hair. 2AM wore suits in black and looking gorgeous.

JOO tried her best to speak simple English and I really appreciate her effort. She is also said how she loves Indonesian fans and of course Indonesian food. It is also revealed (at least 1st time for me) that she used to live in Indonesia due to her dad job. So, she is quite familiar with Indonesia. She always smiles and pose for those who asked her to, she is friendly indeed and very pretty.

2AM looks a bit tired yet they always try to smile for the press. Jo Kwon is the one who answered the most. Yet, SeulOng and ChangMin also sometimes answered the question. ChangMin is unexpectedly very handsome in person. Not that he isn’t handsome, but I always thought the other members are more handsome than him, but, today when I saw him, he proves I am wrong. JoKwon and SeulOng are very handsome. SeulOng is very calm whilst JoKwon did funny face look for us and sometimes chat with SeulOng. ChangMin is a bit quite. They also talked about their previous visit, and feel bad about not being able to perform and greet their fans at that time and now they want to give a full performance for their fans. They also say that they support JinWoon solo album project.


– IAM for 2AM gives cupcakes with 2AM members cake miniature and received happily by 2AM

– Today, June 17, 2011 at 6 pm, blackrock held a fan meeting with JOO at Hotel Mulia. And, another fanmeeting with missA and San E will be held on June 19,2011 by blackrock. So, keep following them on Twitter to win a chance to the FM.

– Blackrock is sorry for 2AM JinWoon(due to solo album prep) & Lee Hyun (due to 8eight comeback prep) absence. The reason they only tell blackrockers few days ago is simply because they still trying their best to make them come.

SS501 Kim HyungJoon is not an additional guest to replace any of the absence singers, yet, Blackrock was planning to give a mystery guest at the festival as they know that Kim HyungJoon is available from the very beginning. Why Kim HyungJoon? It is because Triple S  (SS501 fanbase) is very big in Indonesia.

– According to Blackrock, all singer gets same song portion. Yet, during the interview, 2AM mentioned that they will sing around 6 songs. 

– According to the press release given, the performers list are : JOO, 2AM, San E and Kim HyungJoon and closed by missA

– The Istora Senayan will be open from 12.00 because they also provide food stall, drinks, and small stage from Alika singing her songs and few Kpop songs, and also other  stall that provides anything about Korean culture. Whilst the gate to the concert venue will be open at 5pm.

– The concert will be start at 7pm sharp and will be held for 4 hours time.

– Blackrock says that the media only get the permission to record Kim HyungJoon and 2AM stage (2 songs each).

The Jakarta FantastiKpop  Festival 2011 will be held on June 18, 2011 at Istora Senayan – Jakarta from 7pm onwards.

Make sure you come and do fanchants to your favorite singers!

Report by : Imuyachan for Hallyuism & Superstar 501 Yongwonhi 슈퍼스타 501 영원히/June/2011


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