[Fan Account] B2ST 비스트 Fan Meeting in Singapore 02.07.2011 @ Sing Expo


I arrived on Saturday morning July 2, 2011. I couldn’t checked in to my hotel before 14:00 so I took MRT to Vivo City and had lunch there.

At 4pm, me and my friend leave for Singapore Expo to see so many B2UTIES already there queuing. Me and my friend just joined the line and queued.

When we’re almost arrived at the entry gate, we saw this one desk where B2UTY put all their gifts for B2ST, so I put mine. My bias is JunHyung, so I only prepare a gift for him. I bought him this chocolate Tee with picture similar with their fact & fiction concept ^^

Me and my friend, then feel  a bit confuse why no special entry for VVIP (Cat 1), so, my friend asked to some guy and he opened the barrier for us and told us to enter another entry and took us to this one lady who holds some wristband. She asked us whether we are Cat 1 tix holder and want to see the ticket. We showed her, and she put the wristband and told us to enter the door and looked for our seat. At that time, I was, OK, so there’s something special wristband for Cat 1 tix holder. So, we enter and find our seats.

When we enter, the seats are FULL! the site is full with B2UTY, at that time, I feel so relieve to buy tix with seating number.

Our seat was at B1, no.9 & 10, not too close to stage, yet, super close to this giant screen. I have seen B2ST in DiGi Concert last January, so I have no worries with the seating position coz I have seen my boys close up beforehand. So, I just wanna enjoy the Fan Meeting.

The Fan Meeting

B2ST start their FM with this short video introduction of them with photos of them being played on the giant screen. Everybody is screaming for sure. Then blue lights and spotlight hit the stage and B2ST came out handsomely. First song is Special [2nd video is here]. Then they continued with SOOM. The boys as expected sings perfectly.

The MC the came out and lead the short interview. The MC asked few questions and B2ST boys answered. One of the question is about B2ST best achievement and DooJoon answered is their Rookie Award. When being asked about their experience with Twitter, YoSeob told us that B2ST are oftenly posted as wacky or funny photo of them to fans via Twitter. [Video 1, video 2, video 3] Then, they watch this one dance group who won B2ST dance competition [watch the video]. The group dance to B2ST’s Shock and impressed B2ST.

Then B2ST sings “Shock”.

They continued their stage performance with “Beautiful”. One thing that is so funny is when GiKwang hugged Hyunseung during performance LOL. Then another stage activity being held, and now is to invite 6 lucky fans who will paired with B2ST members and play bowling.

Videos are below !

GiKwang , YoSeob , JunHyung , DooJoon , DongWoon , HyunSeung

The winner of the game is JunHyung and his partner Angela – an Indonesian B2UTY [Video is here]

They also did a photo session with Angela

B2St then continue their stage performance and sing “Bi Ga Oneul Nal En” [2nd vid here] and “Fiction” [2nd vid is here].

They say goodbye and fans were screaming saying NO.  

Fans than asked for Encore and B2ST comes out again and sings 3 songs : Oasis, Nega Cheil Joha and V.I.U ending their stage. This time for real!

There has been rumor saying Jjun cried during FM, I said No at first as I remember I didn’t see him cry. Yet, a video showed that he DID cry when they end their Encore which explains why I didn’t know. It was too far for me to spot that scene, and thanks to a close fancam helped me to realize this. But, as I see, it was a happy tear because he felt happy for the fans’ support after all the things happened to him lately.

Anyway, as Jjun is my bias, I can totally see him not in the mood at the first half of the FM. I don’t know why, but he looked gloomy. He was fine during performance, yet, not ok during interview though he tried his best to always smile to us fans. JunHyung started to looked fine and fully smile after playing the bowling and afterwards. Other member are fine, yet, Hyunseung is also quite and not talkative. YoSeob, GiKwang and DooJoon are the most cheerful for me. Dongwoon isn’t gloomy yet not too cheerful. I think they’re too tired after yesterday’s FM in Msia and came to SG with bus.

The FM ended and I prepared to leave the site when I heard announcement saying that b2UTY with wristband please gathered on the right side for Hi-5 session. At first, I thought it was another wristband, yet, my friend insist to asked and got the BEST answer ever, that me and her are ELIGIBLE to do a Hi-5 with B2ST member. OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! I can’t believe how lucky we were after flying from Indonesia just to attend the FM in Spore and now this!!! You gotta be joking! I did feel like fainting, yet, I keep myself strong coz I finally able to see B2ST close up and Hi-5 with them in less than 30cms gap ^^

Please forgive if I wrongly write the order of the B2ST member, coz honestly, I only focus to see JunHyung.

If I am not mistaken the order is this : YoSeob-HyunSeung-DongWoon-JunHyung-DooJoon-GiKwang. Jjun is in the middle and I was in silent when Hi-5-ing them, yet, speak Jjun’s name when I hi-5 him >.< I feel stupid just because of meeting them that close. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of them are like super cute and handsome. YoSeob is as cute as u see him on videos or tv, HyunSeung is super handsome-he’s definitely a pretty boy, DongWoon is super handsome, he has a perfect face structure for God sake, JunHyung is soooooooooooo hawttttttttttt >.< I don’t know how to describe him OMG! He looked super good with even a super light make-up. DooJoon is as handsome as u see him on TV and lastly GiKwang is as cute as you see him on TV. JunHyung is like taller than me and so s*xyyyyyyyyyyy >.< OMG! I feel like a pervert… I swear he has this charm on him that could make me die ❤ It was fast but precious, and all of them are smiling and friendly ^^ I swear this is one of the best moment I ever had, to watch them sing live beautifully (even better than CD) and to see them in person are like daebak! I love B2ST before and I love them even more! kkeut! And, to be honest, I am so addicted to B2ST, I want and want to see them in another concert/fanmeeting u name it! Coz their performance and fan service are like jjang! B2ST and B2UTY forever!!!

Imuyachan for B2ST Spore Fan Meeting 02.07.2011


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