[Review] MBLAQ – Monalisa EP Album

Yet, why Thunder looks like a girl on their album jacket? >.<

I heard this song first time via daum, and to be honest I was amazed. MBLAQ debut around October 2009 and their concept didn’t really catch my attention [though I like their recent singles but still their concept especially style is just not getting my attention]. The concept and all was to ‘Rain’ for me and I was waiting for a different concept from J.Tune for these boys and it seems this is the time.

First time hearing Monalisa, I just like it right away.

The latino sounds are the one which attract me the most. Due to my tight schedule at office I had no time to browse their MV for Monalisa yet I was imagining how the boys will be on the MV, I was quite pesimistic, since I thought it will be another sexy parade from MBLAQ and Joon as the main attention. But, when I saw the MV today, i was like oh yeah! Another surprise from J.Tune! No more ‘over exposure’ of Lee Joon  yet Joon even delivered a different concept for me. You know, that cool image one ^^ Me like Joon this way ^^v

Thunder (sorry, it’s hard to remember his korean name) also surprised me with his dance movement ^^ Leader and Go with new hair do makes them looked great too. I love Go voice as always ^^ And last but not least, me like Mir+his shades+hair do!! I missed him in previous MBLAQ activities due to his absence. And now my boy Mir is back with more fierce concept! Keep up the shades boy, u awe everyone with that ^^

The song is really catchy, and gives a different option from those in the kpop scene nowadays. Here’s the song list!

Ojos Frios is only a bandoneon sound. Moreugesseoyo and You knew are catchy like Monalisa! ❤ it!

One is more like the song u will heard in the club, catchy indeed. Whilst, Malhaji malgo has guitar play as the main attention. It is a slow medium song.

Overall, I give 4 out of 5 for Monalisa EP! Good job J.Tune and Good Luck MBLAQ!

A side note : Did they change their stylist? Coz I heart their appearance [read: wardrobe] now!! Really!!

Listen to the song sample here. Buy the album here!

And, Mir as a perfect ending ^^


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