[Drama] Actor Lee DongWook at “Scent of a woman” Press Con. (19.07.2011)

One of my favorite actor is back on track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lee Dongwook is back everybody! He just got discharged from the military last June 2011 and -no rest whatsoever- he is back already for his new (YES!!!!) drama. He went under a tight diet and lose 4 kg as he wants to show a better figure to fans for this comeback. I am not posting his new figure bcoz it won’t suit my minor visitor LOL ^^ See his –I swear– smexy figure here

The drama in which he’s joining in is titled “Scent of a woman” which will be aired via SBS TV on weekend time slot.

Lee Dongwook will be acting alongwith actress Kim SeonAh, Um KiJoon, Seo HyoRim.

“Scent of a woman” will be in the romantic comedy genre and will kick off its 1st broadcast this coming saturday, 23 july 2011 at 09:50 pm KST.

More photos below!

more from press con.

few of the drama cuts

Source is newsen



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