[Info] Actor|Singer Kim Jeonghoon found drunk @ Kyobo Tower Intersection!

Actor/Singer Kim Jeonghoon was found drunk on July 30, 2011 inside his Mercedes Benz.

A person saw him inside the car looking drunk, and the person called 112 and reported him, and after being checked, Kim Jeonghoon alcohol rate is more than 0.119%. This means Kim Jeonghoon will say goodbye to his driving license and he can only apply for a new one in 2 years after completing an educational program on drinking and driving (via joongangdaily).

According to the korean article, it is says that he was found drunk in the intersection of Kyobo Tower at Yeoksam-dong, Seoul.

Kim jeonghoon agency,” He didn’t do it intentionally and was not proud because of it. He is now doing a self-reflection regarding this mistake”.

After leaving the military, he is now acting  in tVn drama “I need Romance” after previously active in Japan.

Source is mulgae@cbs.co.kr via nate

He is one of my favorite actor *sob* 오빠.. 왜이래요? >.<



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