[Info] CN Blue Concert in Indonesia 26.11.11

CN Blue alr started their concert today in Seoul, so this release really excites Boice Indo !

I will update this post the soonest more info being released !

There will be 5 Tix category and above is the categories !

This pre-sale price limited to 150 Royal Blue tickets through @BOICEINDONESIA

Update as per 18 Sep 2011

Seating & Stage Plan

The venue will be at Skenoo Hall – Gandaria City. 

The promoter also update about the pre-sale tix price as follow :

update as per 26.09.2011

Starlight msh blm mengumumkan kapan public sales akan dibuka.

Sementara itu, buat yg msh ragu2,

berikut screen capture dr website resmi CN Blue ttg jadwal konser mereka di Indonesia ^^

So, be confident ^^ Hope no changes occurs though ^^

Dan buat yg mau langsung kontak Starlight, berikut detailnya :

Early Bird is done on Sept 29, 2011

Public sales [cash only] will be held on Oct 2, 2011 at Seasons City mall starting 10 am onward.

For more details pls contact Starlight_id and their website is here

Check the official news release here


6 thoughts on “[Info] CN Blue Concert in Indonesia 26.11.11

    • terakhir gw cek brsan, mrk blm ngumumin kapan public sales tiket dibuka. cb terus liat update gw or u can contact them directly, as per info above about the promoter. thx for coming

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  2. wauuuu… senengnya CN-Blue bisa datang…cuman sayang tiketnya mehong banget ya….:( kenapa sich kok mahal banget tiketnya….?

  3. I heard the concert will be moved to JITEC Mangga Dua, could anyone please provide further info. will the seating be different? thank you

  4. mendekati konser cn blue yg sebentar lg apakah tiket msh tersedia?berapa ya kisaran harga untuk yg terendah? sy sangat menaruh minat untuk menonton konser ini?kira kira untuk pembli tiket kls spt ini bs kah bertemu dgn personil cn blue krn sy mrupakan fans dr sang leader.sy sgt mnunggu balsan dr anda.trima kasih

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