[Video] B2ST’s Message to B2UTY on their 2nd Anniversary from Debut [ENG Trans]

ENG Trans

ALL: So BEAST! Hello we’re beast!

DJ: Wow, BEAST turned two years old!
HS: Yes, thank you so much for watching, supporting, and loving us from 2009 until now.
DJ: Uh, do you have anything else to say—
YS: We are always thankful. We don’t know if we’re going to continue to promote for another 20 or 200 years but-
GK: What? 200 years? What do you mean 200 years, aren’t you exaggerating a tad bit?
YS: Anyways, you are going to be by our side forever, right? Yes, thank you for always loving and valuing us.
DJ: Listen to what Yong Junhyung has to say.
JH: Yes, I got a haircut just for our 2 year anniversary celebration.
GK: He is really an idol now.
YS: Bad girl era-
HS: His hair is like from the Bad girl era.
JH: I wanted a new hairstyle, so I came back to this one. I’m going to shave it all off next time.
DJ: So will you be recreating the Shock era as well.
JH: Yes.
-Dongwoon starts talking at the same time as Junhyung
DJ: (to Dongwoon) Junhyung still has more to say.
DW: Oh, yes, uh yes say what you have to say.
JH: Oh yes, thank you for supporting and loving us for 2 years. Dongwoon, you may speak now.
DW: To be honest, I said this here, but nobody knows.
DJ: Yes, not even his parents.
YS: Yes anyway thank you for 2nd year anniversary and—
HS: Yes, from now on—
GK: Hey, I have something to say, too! I have something to say, too! Look at the PC room!
DJ: I hope that you love and support BEAST even more. Always be happy and healthy! Up to now, it was…
ALL: SO BEAST! Thank you!

Credit : yowhatseob@tumblr // playb2st cafe via beastsdw @ YT

My 2 cents : I have been rooting the boys since their debut, though I fond them like crazy for only 1.5 years now ^^ Happy 2nd anniversary B2ST and goodluck always in your coming projects ^^

Oww, I ❤ Jjun’s new hair do n as always hearts Prince Jang 4D-ness ❤ keke


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