[Chart] B2ST Yong JunHyung new single “Neo Eobsi Sa Neun Geotdo” hits 1st of Soribada Daily Chart as per 03Feb2012

After checking B2ST official youtube channel and update myself with new singles from them, I landed myself at Soribada to download new releases from the kpop music.

As always I checked their daily charts to see who is doing good in charts and guess who is the top chart-er? It is none other than B2ST rapper Mr.Joker himself with his new single “Neo Eobsi Sa Neun Geotdo” aka “Living Without You” doing good at 1st place followed by Se7en’s new single “If I can’t sing” at 2nd place and MBLAQ’s “Jeonjaengiya” at 3rd.

I am so impressed until I decide to write this as a post. Yong JunHyung is set to perform his new single on Feb 4, 2012 (today) on B2ST Beautiful Show concert as their official youtube stated. Yet, the performance for this coming single already good in the chart.

I can’t download the song due to some song restrictions >.< but I can hear a 1 minute preview of the song and I can say that this is good.

Check Jjun’s exclusive video for the single as shared on b2st official youtube on Feb 2, 2012 below!

Joker once again impressed me much !


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