Hello~ Annyeonghaseyo~ Hai~

It’s been quite some time since my last post, I know, I should post once in a while if I want to keep this blog alive

Anyway, I seriously want to keep this blog alive but I don’t have time to manage this blog all by myself due to my work.

I also just got off from hospital due to dengue fever, I am too tired the doctor says, anyway, I don’t want to brag about how busy I am whatsoever, I just need time to think this matter seriously, whether I want to continue blogging, looking for some writers or keep writing by myself, I don’t know.

I have been blogging since 2007, started from a personal blog, having my own kpop blog and once being a writer of one famous kpop blog source. I am still here, in the kpop fandom world up until today. I have been through the times when I stayed up all night just to get the fresh kpop updates, I interviewed people  from the kpop world just to get trustworthy news source and I even coordinate some fan project just to reach the artists.

Should I continue or not? This is a question I need to answer by myself




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