B2ST is giving Indonesia its Beautiful Show World Tour!

Dear all,
me busy with work so I just know.
So Beast will do their Beautiful Show in Indonesia on Mar 17, 2012. Place will be at Jitec Mangga Dua.

Here is the tix price:
Diamond 1,75jt, Gold 1,25jt, Fest. 850rb, silver 750rb,bronze 500rb..tickets on sale today!!!!



and here is the tix buying info:


Me will go for Spore one, yet, still considering whether will go to this one as well or not.

If ure a true Beauty , pls show ur love and go coz the tix is not expensive. Me alr went 2 times to their event n see them, n trust me Beast is super good in live performance and worth the money even if u buy the most expensive one.trust me!



One thought on “B2ST is giving Indonesia its Beautiful Show World Tour!

  1. Totally agree that beast are really good on stage, be it a slow ballad or a fast dancing one. Every single cent it’s worth :)) I believe even not a BEAUTY will eventually turn one after attending their events :p

    I went for a couple of their activities and totally enjoy their show so much. Not only we are enjoying I’m sure BEAST will be as well..

    Hee. Now I can’t wait for the upcoming concert 🙂

    Btw, take care! ^^

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