[Share] MBC TV Visit ~ Meeting the Kpop Stars >> FT Island, SNSD, MBLAQ, missA [17Mar2012]

Hello everyone~

For those who followed me via twitter must have known my business trip to S.Korea last week.

I had the chance to visit Seoul 1 week  ago , for a 6 days business trip.

As I tweet, I went to visit MBC TV and saw Music Core shooting.

I know, I told some of you that I might have a meeting with one of the kpop group yet it didn’t work out due to their tight schedule. They have concert in Indonesia recently ^^ Just in case you are curious hehe..

Anyway, I visit MBC TV on 17 March 2012 and see how they shoot MuCore, it is a learning visit for me and my agency related to our current project ^^

Anyway, during my visit, I had the chance to see B1A4 recording for Music Core. Honestly, this newbie boygroup is actually one of the newbies that attract my attention recently, esp. the leader ^^v So, I am so happy that I had the chance to see them doing the recording at MBC Music Core. Honestly, they were as I expected. Great dance skills, good vocals and good looks ^^ For those who is rooting them, trust me ure doing the right thing ^^

After seeing their recording, they are off stage and all of us need to leave the room coz the staffs need to change the set for FT Island. I was like…….. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy that I finally able to see them live via this biz trip… but too bad, I had other things to settle so I couldn’t be on the set to see them live.

Anyway, my issue is actually located near the artists’ room, so while settling my business which is located at the aisle which all artists’ make up rooms located, I saw several top artists passed me by and I couldn’t took picture at all (only a few recordings) coz MBC forbid us to do so.


SNSD Fanny and SeoHyun passed me by and followed by leader Taeyeon. Trust me all of them so skinny yet pretty ^^ Fanny is like a doll, while Taeyeon is so tiny and pretty as well. Whilst my fave Seo Baby is so skinnyy and cuteee ❤ They entered the female toilet and didn’t come out fast.


While waiting for the girls come out from the toilet, I saw such a sparkling ‘namja’ heading towards me, I was stunned and didn’t have the chance to get my Galaxy Note from my bag until I realized it was FT Island vocalist, my “OH-SO-FAVORITE” Lee HongKi!!!!! He passed me by in such a handsome figure with all black wardrobe, taller than me ❤ I can only say “Lee HongKi Annyeonghaseyo” and he replied me,”Annyeonghaseyo” OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, MinHwan followed behind him, then my other favorite member magnae SeungHyun, Lee JaeJin and the last one is Choi Leader!!

All so handsome, tall, friendly yet in a cool way ❤ I managed to record leader coz he took quite a time to passed me by after JaeJin passed me. I swear, I was super happy that I finally see themmmmmmmmmmmmm ❤

Then, I moved to a room besides Men’s toilet (trust me, it was not planned at all hehe).


While waiting my friends meeting missA inside their  make up room, I saw from a far that MBLAQ Go and leader are coming towards me. Closer they get, they nod to me and say,”Annyeonghaseyo” – so polite. I was stunned ❤

Then, my favorite Mir comes close and nod while me can only say,”Mir, annyeonghaseyo” while seeing his super gorgeous figure. Seriouslyyyyy how come Mir can be so handsome and tall at the same time.

As I saw both Lee HongKi and Mir at the same day, I can say that both of them are so alike ❤ Both super handsome ❤


I saw several new artists which I don’t know the names passing me by while nodding to me and my friends. So polite~ Then I had the chance to record missA greeting for my project in Indonesia, yet, I can’t share it here >.< Due to company policy. Just wait since it will be aired via one of the local tv in Indonesia ^^

Getting out from missA’s room, I saw Lee HongKi heading towards me from a far, so, I put my Galaxy Note as if I am texting whatsoever and tried to record him passing me by, but, I don’t think that I am succeed seeing the video result.

I do enjoy Seoul a lot and of course the most exciting time is when I met the artists ^^v




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