[Concert] 2012 MBLAQ [THE BLAQ% TOUR] in SEOUL 21-22 July 2012


It’s been a while since my last tweet saying I am in Korea for working ^^

I am here already, still busy at office but I never forget how I love KPOP ~ s0 no worries keke ^^

Anyway, MBLAQ is throwing their concert titled “2012 MBLAQ〈THE BLAQ% TOUR〉in SEOUL“.

Details are below :

  • Genre : Concerts
  • Date/Time : Jul 21, 2012 ~ Jul 22, 2012
  • Venue : Olympic Park Olympic Hall
  • Age Group : 7 years and over
  • Running Time : 120 minutes
  • Prices : 
    • Standing R section  99,000 Won 
    • R section Reseved seats  99,000 Won 
    • S section Reseved seats  77,000 Won 
Have I told you how sad I was when I knew that the boys will come to Indonesia and threw concert? Well, I managed to get their Seoul concert ticket instead ^^ I just bought it via Interpark
Haha.. so happy ^^ Anyway, for those who comes to seoul concert, let me know, maybe we can have a small gath about kpop fandom ^^ Just tweet me or mail me ^^v
I plan to go to IU’s concert since it is held in Suwon and near to my apartment, but it is SOLD OUT already -__-
Anyway, I hope I can still get Wonder Girls’ ticket concert for July 7, 2012 ^^
For those, who still considering to buy MBLAQ’s tix concert, pls be hurry as the ticket is selling fast ^^
Anyway for more info, pls refer to below image ^^
I can’t wait to see Mir ❤

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