[Report¦Concert] MBLAQ: THE BLAQ% Concert in Seoul 21.07.2012


Finally the day is come and it is time for “The BLAQ% concert in Seoul.


The concert took place at Olympic Hall of Olympic Park.

I came from Samseong station so it took me several stations to go there.

When I came, lots of fans already queuing and I just reached the ticket box to exchange my confirmation print out with real tix.

It is my 1st time buying tix from Interpark and 1st time also attending concert in S.Korea. All the process is so easy and u can see which one is Interpark tix booth as they write it on the window. I don’t need passport to get my tix but always carry it just in case u need it.

As my hp battery is only 1 bar so I rushed to a cafe nearby for the sake of charging it and I failed as all seat were taken; this explains why I did not have any videos T.T

At 5 pm, I went to queue and enter the hall around 5 pm.

The concert starts at 6.20pm (late 20 mins) and the boys opened it with 2 high tempo songs like “Try”. Then they continued with 2 ballad songs. After that G.O did his solo followed by Thunder who impressed me with the decor and clothing as well as stage attitude. Then they boys all come out and sings around 2 songs then Mir did his solo n did some rap stagey. Mir is my fave and he did not fail to impress me. Then they do more songs and not to mention Lee Joon n leader solo stage. They did more less 20 songs and 3 or 4 songs in Encore.

The concert ends around 8.20 pm exactly 2 hrs concert. They changed costumes like 3 or 4 times.

-Their live stagey is good
– Mir is so “productive” as he kept running arround during concert – so Mir fans do keep on eyeing him ^^
– Leader solo stage is piano play and dance performance
– During solo stage, Lee Joon called 1 fans on stage and due to her young age he cannot did as plan (sexy stagey with the fan yet only sexy stagey by his own ㅎㅎ).
– All of them are very friendly to their fans on their own way -Mir talks a lot though ^^
– I like the simple stage treatment and loving the fireworks, smokes and ribbon rain


-Thunder’s noona 2NE1 Sandara was coming and grabbed fans’ attention-she is really pretty and she did shaved her head half yet she still pretty ^^ and not to mention friendly. She is very friendly…
-Too bad the venue is not fully occupied only around 80%
– So many Japanese fans and mostly middle age woman – makes me feel a lot younger compare to them. Then again fandom is not limited by age ^^
-I am only like 2 or 3 metres from the boys. I am so happy as I can see them close and doing live stagey. I saw them at MBC last March, but it was offstage and seeing them here while performing makes me happy. Especially Miruuuuuu ♡♥

-B2ST sent flower to the venue

-Various fan clubs from all over the world send their congratulations message and A+ Indonesia too ^^

My favorite stagey: Y, Oh Yeah, Try, Cry, It’s war, Monalisaaaaaa ♡ and Mir solo stages 😀

More photos will be added tomorrow as I have not stamped them with my logo.

So..this is for now.굿나잇 ^^v ㅎㅎㅎ

Go below for more photos!








3 thoughts on “[Report¦Concert] MBLAQ: THE BLAQ% Concert in Seoul 21.07.2012

  1. It’s not Try, but Dasi (Again).. many people confuse with the title… heheh
    too bad i cant go to the concert, but i went to the one in Bangkok. it was awesome..

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