[Share] A trip to CUBE Cafe @ Apgujeong – Seoul 01Aug2012

It’s been a month since I have been living in Korea, and now it is the time to execute the so called trip!

I want to visit CUBE Cafe in Apgujeong, and it is also at the same time for B2ST comeback.

A friend of mine, also asked me to buy B2ST gold version cd for her, so I think while getting mine, visiting the cafe, why not bought for her too ^^

So, I decide to go to the cafe yesterday after office hour.

I left the office around 6.15 pm with company bus headed to Gangnam . From Gangnam I took subway.

Here’s the details :

I took line 2 and exchange to line 3 at Seoul National Uni of Education, headed to Express Bus terminal and exchange to Line 7  and get off at Cheongdam station.

I just walked off the station via Exit 9.

Just go straight until u find a big intersection. GUCCI boutique is on ur diagonally left. Just go across the street until you find Coffee Bean on your right side, when you find it, just turn right entering the street.

And go straight until you find JYP‘s office on your left, just passed it by (unless you want to take photos too ^^). Go straight until you find another small intersection with Dunkin Donuts on your right side, just go straight passing the intersection and there you can find CUBE Cafe on your right side (not far from Dunkin Donuts).

I arrived at the CUBE Cafe around 8.30pm due to long subway trip.

The exchange from line 3 to line 7 is taking quite a time.

Anyway, here I am at CUBE Cafe!

The Cafe is not as big as I saw on website (photo does tricked you LOL). It’s a small cafe that packed with CUBE artists pics and goodies. It was full of B2ST goodies as they’re the current artist who is promoting, so inside is all about Midnight Sun photos.

The CDs are displayed (whether the black or gold version), but, when I want to buy it, the cafe waitress told me that I can only buy the black version, coz the gold version will start selling tomorrow (Aug 2), and I was like WTH! I was all the way there and I couldn’t buy the Gold version -__- haha, anyway, I want the gold one, so I will comeback.

I took photos of what is inside, so you can see ^^

I also ordered a Ice Green tea latte as I was hungry n thirsty, and the drink comes with B2ST faces ❤ Haha ^^

The Ice Green Tea Latte is as good as I expected, and my friend’s Affogato (coffee with ice cream) is also tasty ^^

We spend time there and I also took a photo inside the cafe ^^

The cafe is small, it was only filled with less that 10 tables, maybe around 7/8 table set only.

I heard that B2ST usually comes at night, but, as they’re in Japan, so I couldn’t see them.

I left the Cafe around 9 pm, and this time by taxi to Gangnam.

I will comeback tomorrow and get the cd, I hope I can share you soon ^^

Info :

Subway from Gangnam – Cheongdam = 1050 won

Taxi from Apgujeong to gangnam = 5800 won

It’s better to take Taxi from Gangnam to Cheongdam as it is close , only took around 10mins time and less tiring.



5 thoughts on “[Share] A trip to CUBE Cafe @ Apgujeong – Seoul 01Aug2012

    • Hello.. tx for ur visit… i am not in Korea anymore now.. but maybe u can google it up and find some info about their operating days ^^

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