[Share] B2ST Midnight Sun Gold Version album

I went to Cube Cafe again today and get the Gold version album.

When I arrived, the waitress who met me few days ago just smile and show me the gold album ^^


I took 3 albums coz I need 2 give the other 2 for my friend.

The cafe is packed with B2UTY and as I saw I can tell they are waiting for B2ST. (My friend Via told me that there was a Fan Meeting in fact). I wait for a while but the boys did not come out and I just left the cafe for dinner appointment. Plus I was too tired to wait and super hungry as I directly came from office.


The gold version is cost 16.500 won per pcs.
I will share the unpack album info in separate post tomorrow.

That is all… I am off 2 enjoy the album ^^v



One thought on “[Share] B2ST Midnight Sun Gold Version album

  1. is it still possible to buy this CD?
    I really dunno what to do as I am not in Korea at the moment I cant get this CD, and ebay is saying 89 dollar, really…16,500 won and 89 dollar… the big difference lol
    I would pay quite /much more for this CD but not 89 dollar lol
    I will be in korea again in March but then its definetely sold out ,always the same : (

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