[Report] KBS Music Bank Jakarta 09Mar2013


KBS Music Bank; One of the biggest kpop music concert is finally held in Indonesia on saturday, 09 March 2013.

The concert took place at Gelora Bung Karno and attended by enthusiast kpop fans from various fandom.

As most of you know, I got the ticket free coz the company I worked for is one of the sponsor for the event, so yeah, blessed me much for getting the sponsor id.

I arrived at the venue around 5.30pm-ish coz I will attend the Press Conference before the concert started. From my previous experience, it is better to snap pictures from Press Con. as all the artist are stay still and not jumping around like when they’re on stage. So yeah, Press Con is much better for getting some good photos.


Anyway, the press con started late and the 1st artist to enter the room is 2pm. The boys were in a good mood and always smiling. After 2pm, all artist went into the room alternately. All of them are not in good mood as I can see from their face, I have no idea what had happened to them.

Then the rep of every artist enter the room and the Q&A session started. 

No need to talked about the Qs, I just snap good pictures. Doojoon as the leader of my favorite group B2ST looked super tired and rarely smile like he used to be +___+ I seriously wondering what had happened to all of them ?? >.< Doojoon is super rare acting like this, like I can even count with my fingers that this is like his 2nd time maybe.. but this press con is especially the worst +__+


But, Doojoon gave me some eye contact and pose for me (Thx leader ^^), Guess me wearing B2ST T-shirt is always useful ^^



Infinite Woohyun is super nice and keep giving pose for us photographers. I even snap one pic of him with eye contact ^^ I called him without voice, he noticed and he give me a pose ^^ A good one ^^d Thx Woohyun 😀


Then I also snap a pic of Taec with eye contact as well 😀

My Eunhyuk looked tired and cover his eyes with shades which made me hardly see his true expression.

The press con ended around 7.30pm-ish and all artist start preparing for their performance.

The concert start around 8pm-ish and and the 1st performer was Teen Top.

And the last 4 performer were : B2ST, SHINee, 2PM and SuJu and ended by all artist singing altogether.

Here’s the concert recap:

  • Each artist sings around 3 songs

  • Some local performer stage from Afgan and S4

  • There’s some special stages by Eru & Hyorin singing Indonesian song called “Kemesraan”

  • There’s also special stages from Infinite Woohyun, Sistar Soyou and SHINee singing songs from korean drama

  • The loudest fanchant happened during SuJu stage (senior they are)

  • My favorite stage of course B2ST, Infinite and SuJu

  • SuJu sings Oppa, Oppa song unexpectedly (So happy to see my EunHae performed this <3) 

  • The EO of the concert should be more strict regarding ticket category as I see so many people moved their seats freely. A friend of mine who supposed to seat at Diamond area said she cannot sat on her seat coz so many people from other category entered the diamond category. Same case happened to my brother and his friend who got Diamond tix as well, he ended up moved to the cheapest category seats and see the concert from far away

  • The EO should also put their security until the concert is done, coz what happened is during last 2 performers’ stage, so many people selling drinks inside the stadium which really annoyed me during my fan chant moment -__-

Anyway, despite everything, i am so happy that Mubank concert is held in jakarta, hope to have more kpop concert in town of course with better EO performance.

Thx KBS and thx for the super fan base 😀

Scroll down for more eye candies from the event (mostly press con.)




















Videos will be up soon via my youtube channel





6 thoughts on “[Report] KBS Music Bank Jakarta 09Mar2013

  1. i envy you so much! I had requested for a back stage pass, but I need to pay like a very large amount of money. As much as I want to see and take pictures of my bias Key, I just can’t convince myself that it’s worth the money 😦 I’m wondering which company are you working for?

    • really? why u need to pay? they usually gv pass for media or people from kpop blog but u need to register ur web first of course ^^ tx 4 coming 😀

      • really? where do you need to register? and mnet countdown is coming up in jakarta. I’m really wishing to the get the pass.

  2. haaaiiiii imuuuu…hahahaha…i wonder how to call ur name…qkqkqk…we met at mubankjkt a week ago…hehehe…do u remember giving me ur email address?!

    nice to know you^_^

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