[Report] B1A4 Baba Concert in Jakarta 12Mar2013


Lucky me you may say, as I missed the concert when I was in Korea, but, my friend gave me the tickets for free for their concert in Jakarta ^^v

The concert was held on March 12, 2013 at Skenoo Hall, Gandaria City at 8pm.

It is actually not a concert but a showcase. Means only few songs with some talking and games session. I thought it was a full concert as stated in the ticket though~

Anyway, the boys came out a bit late, around 8.15pm and sang 2 songs before their first talking session.

B1A4 fans mostly teenagers and maybe this is their first time attending concert, so that is why they don’t have good stamina as they faint after 2 songs performance. The boys tried to asked the fans to give some space so the fans in the front row can have more room to breathe. After dealing with this issue for about 30mins, the management agree to continue the showcase after all fans agree to sit while watching their showcase; the show goes on and the boys performed until 9.30pm.

They also have B1A4 cinema in the midst of the showcase, where B1A4 got couple with 5 fans chosen randomly from a fish bowl and pose according to the movie poster. There’ s 1 bomb option. At first, they told her, that this is not her lucky day as she only asked to took pictures of other fans who pose with their B1A4 member partner, but, tricky they are, since in the end the girl who got the bomb is being the luckiest fans as she act as the guest star in their next stage  and got sweet treatment from the boys along the performance.

The boys are seriously a threat for the seniors as they sing well, they have good stage act and a very good concept in their performance and most important is they’re really polite and friendly.

The boys ended their showcase with an encore and promised their fans that they will come again with a better performance.

As I already saw them when I got free tickets to Inki Gayo, so I already saw them in 1 metre distance. Jinyoung and CNU are very handsome. Jinyoung is more calm and mostly CNU did the talking and acting leader like  (especially when asking the fans to obey his request about giving space to the fans in the front row). Baro and sandeul are really playfull whilst Gongchan is more like Jinyoung, doesn’t talk much which surprising me as he is the youngest.

It was a great concert and better than MuBank in terms of intimacy with the artist and as I can see them closer (way much closer).

Enjoy more eye candies below [sorry for my Jinyoung bias] and I will upload more videos in my youtube ❤











Sandeul getting bday cake and batik top as his bday gift from fans

Now, time from B1A4 Cinema









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