Posted in May 2013

B2ST releases “Will You Be Alright” for the fans before July Comeback!

Boygroup B2ST releases their newest single “Will You Be Alright” aka “괜찮겠니” on May 29, 2013 . B2ST official Youtube account also released a special 43 seconds MV for this single and a 22 seconds snippet for the single which well received by the fans. The song is composed by Kim Taeju (Composer for : B2ST, Yang … Continue reading


Going to Super Show 5 at MEIS, Jakarta on June 1, 2013

Hello, I know it is been like months I have been hiatus without informing you guys; my work at office were like piling up and made me so busy. Anyway, I plan to go to GD’s concert in Jakarta in 2 weeks, but Supershow I was totally forgot about it and did not checked any tickets … Continue reading