Going to Super Show 5 at MEIS, Jakarta on June 1, 2013


I know it is been like months I have been hiatus without informing you guys; my work at office were like piling up and made me so busy. cry_fionaAnyway, I plan to go to GD’s concert in Jakarta in 2 weeks, but Supershow I was totally forgot about it and did not checked any tickets until few days ago.


But too bad, being the super popular SuJu, as I checked over the web, most tickets were sold out and the left over was the one I did not really like it as my seating position.


Then I had a meeting today and met with one of my friend, and when I told her that I missed Supershow tickets, she just bluntly say she can give me ticket, and asked whether I want it or not, and of course I say YES! Like WTH! of course YES!

Thanks God for the luck and I will go to the concert on day 1. Wish me good luck and hope to share you the definitely great experience  after the show.

Details about the ticket click here

Now, will you excuse me as I need to find blue Tee for the concert *runaway*




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