[Report] Super Junior Super Show 5 in Jakarta, Indonesia


Boy group Super Junior threw their concert SUPERSHOW 5 in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 1, 2013.

The concert took place at Mata Elang International Stadium (MEIS), Ancol, North Jakarta.

I arrived around 5.30pm and a long queue already happened. I enter the venue around 6.30pm and it took me only less than 5 minute to enter the venue since most fans already entered the stadium.

The venue is not as packed as I thought (I thought the ticket was sold out?), as so many empty seats found in Gold and Bronze category. Silver, VIP and Standing are full. And due to this, us in the silver category (that’s me) asked to come closer and seat at the gold area. Me and my friend we want to see the stage clearly so we choose the farthest part of the seats so we can take a good video and photo without distraction though the boys in actual performed mostly in the center stage -__-)

The show starts around 7.15 pm-ish, and the boys start their performance with upbeat songs. They rocked the stage and keep everyone in spirit. Then they continue with ballad, sub group and rock performance.

Click here for SS5_Jakarta Videos

The most entertaining performances for me, were as below:

1/ talking session, especially when they try so hard to jump in order to see their fans in the back and how all of them try so hard to speak bahasa, biggest credit goes to Ryuwook

2/cross dress session, Kangin as Gain, Siwon as Sondambi, Ryuwook as Bada from SES, and Sungmin as HyunA : superb funny!

3/ super hero session : this is also funny and entertaining ^^

4/ all the VT session during the boys break. so funny and entertaining so we can rest while waiting the boys changed clothes

5/ SJ M special stage : though I was expecting to hear their Korean songs, but, seeing Henry and Zhou Mi was nice ^^

6/ Henry short teaser of his upcoming solo is also nice, he was asking for ELF support which was responded nicely by the fans

7/ Topless Eunhyuk is GREAT bonus for me!!!! Haha… oww, Siwon also forced to do the same during performance

8/ And of course all ballad songs as we can hear their singing clearly. Too bad NO Yesung !

Overall, the show went 3hrs nonstop and me as fans, I was super happy and satisfied. I do look forward for SS6 so I can see more member in the group who missed SS5 tour.

Thanks SuJu for the great performance and cannot wait for SS6 next year!

Videos are in uploading process, so meanwhile enjoy the eye candies first ^^





Kyochon restaurant is also do their branding and it will be opened in Pacific Place coming Oct 2013





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