[Concert|Report] G Dragon “One Of A Kind” World Tour Jakarta 16.06.2013


I arrived at the concert venue around 15.30 aka 30 minutes to concert time. The venue is less crowded compared to SJ concert few weeks ago, but I can see VIPs all over the place.

Me and my friend we entered the venue and grab our seat. My seat was like one of the best as it is close to stage (in medium length gap from stage).

The concert started around 10 minutes late, and GD opened it with such a classy and elegant style as he used a “racing car” with transparent yet premium look racing car like the one they used in F1 racing kinda of car.

Then he started his stage with Michigo. Then he performed non stop and entertain the VIPs for 2 hrs time.

Below is my comments from the concert:

1. GD is like great entertainer as he performed perfectly for all the songs

2. All song performed LIVE

3. GD performed nicely if I cannot say perfect 100%!

4. My favorite stage is like ALL, but if I have to choose it will be Crayon, Fantastic Baby, The Leaders, Heartbreaker and One of a kind.

5. GD alsways talked in English. Good pronounciation though limited vocab but he sounds good ^^ I really appreciate his effort and respect towards non Korean speaking fans!

6. TOP is the guest star and he sings with GD for 2 songs and performed 1 solo stage

7. Stage, wardrobe and concept = GREAT! As expected from YG entertainment

Overall, I can tell that I am super satisfied attending the concert and Thank You GD for a great performances! I will definitely come again to his concert if any!

I uploaded several videos already, so checked them out! [Keep refreshing as more videos are coming!]


GD-One Of A Kind

Talk 1

Talk 2


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