[MuShow] B2ST – Shadow Comeback Stage @ McD 25Jul2013


This the the 1st music show comeback for B2ST. They performed very nice and put “Intro” as the stage starter showing the strong performance of rapper JunHyung. If you wondering who is TJ whom he  gave shouted to in the lyrics, it is Kim Taejoo – a composer whom Jjun and B2ST has been working with for their new songs.

Followed by title song “Shadow” the boys performed a strong and showed off their top class performance.

“Shadow” is giving me some new sound in the music, without leaving B2ST signature style in the music. The song is composed by Junhyung and Kim Taejoo.

Junhyung doesn’t do anything to his hair style which quite surprising me, but I think it is too generic for him, maybe he’s hiding something? ^^

Sorry for my Jjun bias, seriously unintentionally ❤


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