[Review|Album] TWICE – Page Two


TWICE is always interesting to be followed 🙂 Now, I wanna review their mini album “Page Two”, here’s my 2 cents of the album:

Track 1: CHEER UP! (Title)

As the title song, the track is definitely cheering you up because it comes with a fast beat. A very fun song; Listen to this when you’re in need of a mood lifter.

Track 2: 소중한 사랑 (Precious Love)

The song reminds me of old school kpop song from SES or such. Just okay for me.

Track 3: Touchdown

The song is really fast and very addictive. It has many repetitive lyrics that makes you wanna sing a long. I like it!

Track 4: 툭하면 톡 (Ready to Talk)

This  is a medium tempo song, a bit flirty kind of song, i bet TWICE will perform this in a sexy stage concept. Not bad!

Track 5: Woohoo

This is a fast beat song, with a catchy lyrics, you feel like swinging your body to the left and right while singing to the song 🙂

Track 6: Headphone 써

Hate to say this, but the song is boring for me.. should be able to come with better beat or lyrics maybe?

Overall I give : 7.5 / 10 for this mini album

For purchasing the album, click here


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