[Kdrama|Review] 1% of Anything (2016)


I accidentally bumped into this series when browsing over new drama list. It caught my attention when I saw the title similarity with one from 2003. Then after few reading here and there, this is indeed the remake drama of the 2003 drama series (starred by Kang Dong won) and the tv adaptation of the novel with the same title. I watched the Kang Dongwon version so I have high anticipation for this 2016 version.

I continue my reading and found Ha Seokjin as male lead and Jeon Somin as female lead.

I know Ha Seokjin’s skill so I do expect him to deliver good acting, I knew him, but he used to play the supporting role in every drama that I watched. So, this is the first drama that I watched, with him as the main lead ( I already put “Drinking Solo” on my list but I haven’t watched it). As for Jeon Somin, I don’t really know her and her drama.

Okay, anyway, let’s get into the review.

Ha Seok jin plays as “Lee Jaein”, this character is about a rich guy that has high temper, arrogant and ignorance towards others. He only cares about money. Jaein also has family problems that is actually triggered him acting harsh to other people.

Jeon Somin plays as “Kang Dahyun aka DaDa”, this character is a free spirit and friendly young teacher with positive attitude.

Long story short, DaHyun saves Jaein granpa on some accidents, and the Grandpa learned about Dahyun’s kindness and wanted her to change Jaein’s character. So, he asked Jaein to marry Dahyun if he wants to inherit his wealth.

I like how Ha Seokjin portrayed Jaein’s character, arrogant and snob but not too childish like Kang Dongwon did. I also like how Jeon Somin acted as Dahyun, she is very positive and not annoying like 2003 version. Love how these 2 character’s relationship progressing in every episode.

One thing that annoyed me, only the Grandpa and Team Leader spy guy often meet ups, haha, this is quite often especially  in the early eps, but it didn’t accommodate too many screen time so forgiven 🙂

Ha Seokjin managed to get my eyes on him this time 🙂 His acting is really good, you can see how Lee Jaein’s character changed from one eps to another.  I can’t wait to watch his currently on trend drama series “Drinking Solo” after finishing this 🙂

In the 2003 version, it has 26 eps and it got bored after eps 20 onwards, so I fast forwarded until final eps, but for 2016 version, I watched 7 episode nonstop. I am still happy and cannot wait to continue watching the drama, and I hope it will stay good until the last episode.


More about 1% of anything 2003 version here

More about 1% of Anything 2016 version aka Something about 1%  here

Watch the 1% of Anything 2016 version aka Something about 1% drama via dramacool here



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