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Hello everyone~

I am Imuyachan, the owner and the writer of Hallyuism.

This blog has been around since 2009, as a place for me to share updates about Korean wave.

I am a marketer in real life but  also a blogger since 2008.

I like Kpop since I was a student, and having the passion to share the korean wave updates to foreigner fans who speaks NO Korean is the background of Hallyuism existence.

I speak Bahasa, English, conversational Korean and passive Japanese.

I share news about Hallyu in this website and sometimes translate or share news directly from Korean portals.

Feel free to contact me via these method:

Twitter : @imuyachan

Just mentioned me and I will reply at the soonest 🙂




36 thoughts on “About Blogger

  1. Hi Imuyachan,
    I’m ying from koreanclicks, hope you still remember me.
    I was wondering if you’d like to exchange blog links?
    I have been to your blog few times your posts are great!
    Do keep up the great work!

  2. hi ying 🙂 thx 4 coming 🙂 of course i won’t mind to exchanged each other’s link 🙂 u also posted great articles there in ur blog 🙂 u also keep up the good work ‘chingu’ ^^

  3. Hi there!

    I found your site on Babelpop and wanted to know if you want to exchange links? :]

    I own the site Bump This:www.goodvibe.wordpress.com ^^;; Hope to hear from you!

  4. Hi imuyachan! I’m working on this project with other K bloggers which I hope you’d join too. To give you an idea, I’m a writer by profession and also an Asian entertainment blogger. I’ve collaborated with other Kpop bloggers who agreed to do an interview with me so I can make a feature article about them in my blog http://www.floatingstars.wordpress.com (you can check it if you have time)… I want to show the person/ team behind K blogs from different places, and I thought about doing a feature on you too as a representative from Indonesia. Me and all the other bloggers I know want to spread not only Kpop fandom but also show unity among fellow bloggers! Since we’re all doing news about celebs, why not do a feature about the ones writing the news? lol. And I was hoping you could participate… Please email me at ikuzoyori@yahoo.com so I can send you the interview questions and some other details. it’s gonna be fun! we’re gonna talk about random kpop questions, spazzfest and a whole lot more! your blog will be featured too, so think of it as spreading the kpop love. oh, and can we exchange links too? thanks and i hope to hear from ya soon! cheerios!

    • hi dear ^^ sorry for the late revert.. a nice site u hv there ^^ I already put u on the list too 🙂 thx 4 coming ^^

  5. Hello Hallyuism,

    We are planning to make a Collaboration with the best and greatest KPOP Bloggers in the industry.

    If you are interested to join the KBlog Circle Project, kindly email us so we can put you up in our conference schedules.

    Thanks and Have a Great Day!

    Eunice Kim
    The Kblog Circle Project

    • I am 😀 i think it’s better if we talk in English, so everybody can understand dearie 😀 unless u hv sumthin to discuss more private i won’t mind of course to converse in bahasa 😀 so ure Indonesian too I assume ^^ thx 4 coming 😀

  6. Hello Halluism,

    We’re Elosoul Online and basically, we’re an online fashion, events and celebrity magazine mainly about hallyu/kpop. Since, we’re fairly new, we would like to be affiliated with you. Please do let us know, so we can link you back. Thank You.

    • hai darling..nice site u hv there 😀 i already add ur link to mine..add mine ok 😀 let’s follow each other’s twitter too ;D keep loving the kpop ^^

      • Thanks for linking us. We’ve linked you too!

        By the way, just to inform you that Lee Min Ho will be coming to Malaysia this Sunday and Elosoul would be attending to the press conference and the fan meeting. We’ll let you know when we’re done with the event coverage and share with your readers about the fan meeting here in Malaysia.

  7. hi imuya, i found the ga hara post when i was searching ga hara, coz i found facebook account who was using as ga hara pics and claimed it was her. Do you know, ga hara have an facebook?

    btw, nice posts ya!

    • hai dearie..nope..as long as i know..none of the KARA members have facebook yet they have twitter n that includes hara ^^

  8. I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and
    check again here frequently. I’m quite sure I’ll learn many new stuff right here!
    Best of luck for the next!

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