When I read news about his, I feel sad and doesn’t know how to react. With his recent behaviour incident which is as a loyal b2uty actually I already realized it since long time ago, I feel the need to act supportive towards HS no matter what. But after recently he appeared  very happy in FMs or Japan activity while promoting “Guess Who”, I thought things were fine now and he is ready to comeback as B2st member; but what happened is .. today Cube released official statement saying the other way around.

Today, April 19, 2016 JANG HYUNSEUNG is officially  no longer a B2ST member but he will be with Cube ent.  and continue his activity as solo artist. I am sad :'(:'( seriously sad :'(:'( but I believe they have come up with this decision after a long talk. And if this makes HYUNSEUNG happy then I will support him. I thanked him for his contribution as B2st member and wish him Goodluck for future plans. I hate to do a comeback post with such news but this is something that I need to record in this blog.

고마워요 장현승 .. 앞으로 도 잘해… 우린 여기 있어요… 네 옆에. .. 화이팅!!



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