Event Report|Concert Details

[Report] Digi Kpop Party with B2ST, 4minute, G.Na 13Jan2011

[Report] Blackberry Live & Rockin Concert 19Mar2011

[Report] Jakarta FantastiKpop Festival 2011 Press Con. 17Jun2011

[Report] B2ST Fan Meeting in Singapore 02Jul2011

[Concert|Update] 2PM Concert in Jakarta 11.11.2011

[Concert|Update] CN Blue Concert in Jakarta 26.11.2011

[Video_1] B2ST Beautiful Show in Singapore 03.03.2012

[Concert] 2012 MBLAQ [The BLAQ% TOUR] in SEOUl 21-22 July 2012

[Concert] 2012 JYP Nation Concert 04 Aug 2012 in Seoul!

[Concert] Boygroup “Infinite” throws 5 days concert in Seoul!

[Report¦Concert] MBLAQ: THE BLAQ% Concert in Seoul 21.07.2012

[Concert] 2012 FT ISLAND Concert[TAKE FTISLAND]in Seoul

[Concert¦Report] Lee Seunggi Hope Concert 01 Dec 2012

[Report] KBS Music Bank Jakarta 09Mar2013

[Report] B1A4 Baba Concert in Jakarta 12Mar2013

[Event] Lee Minho Fan Meeting in Jakarta on March 23rd, 2013

Going to Super Show 5 at MEIS, Jakarta on June 1, 2013

[Report] Super Junior Super Show 5 in Jakarta, Indonesia

[Concert|Report] G Dragon “One Of A Kind” World Tour Jakarta 16.06.2013


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